Cybeats Aim Global Telecom Sector, Determines New Opportunities and Grows Commercial Pipeline

Cybeats Aim Global Telecom Sector, Determines New Opportunities and Grows Commercial Pipeline

Cybeats Technologies Corp. identifies the global telecom sector as a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) adopter, strengthening its commercial pipeline. The Company is also pleased to announce it has over 5 prospective telecom clients in various stages of its commercial pipeline, several of which are among the largest Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) and Mobile Network Equipment providers by revenue globally.

“Cybeats has further bolstered its growing commercial pipeline by identifying the telecom sector as a key SBOM adopter. We are extremely pleased with the recent commercial progress of the company, and look forward to expanding into the global telecom market vertical with a solution that has already been validated with industry leaders from several other sectors,” said Bob Lyle, CRO, Cybeats.

SBOM management enables telecom giants to achieve software transparency and ensure compliance with government regulations. It provides valuable visibility into software components and dependencies, enabling telecom companies to gain a more comprehensive understanding of their software.

Telecom and mobile device providers must adhere to specific regulations such as FCC regulations, NDAA provisions, the EU Cybersecurity Act, UK Telecommunications (Security) Act, and NIST guidelines. Complying with these regulations is crucial for ensuring software transparency and security in the rapidly evolving telecom industry. In addition, a push to open infrastructure, like Open Radio Access Network Infrastructure (O-RAN), further signals a trend towards greater interoperability and security, i.e. with O-RAN software components requiring SBOMs.

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Bob Lyle, Chairman of the Device Security Group (DSG) for GSMA1

Cybeats’ CRO, Bob Lyle, is the current Chairman of the Device Security Group (DSG) at GSMA, which Cybeats is a proud member of. GSMA includes 750 mobile operators and represents the worldwide mobile communications industry. Lyle leads the mobile and internet connected IoT device security working group, and in this role, Lyle leads the collaboration with mobile operators, device manufacturers and operating system providers on device security.

SBOMs have emerged as a catalyst for transformation in cybersecurity across nearly all sectors to improve visibility and security of the software supply chain, yet organizations face challenges with widespread implementation of SBOM due to the scale of change and associated costs. SBOM Studio is specifically designed to automate SBOM management, accelerate vulnerability management, simplify SBOM implementation, and ultimately improve ROI by reducing the overhead required to embed SBOM management across an organization.

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