CybelAngel Announces The Launch Of Its New Platform Experience

CybelAngel announces the launch of its New Platform Experience

CybelAngel, a global leader in digital risk protection, today announces the launch of its brand new platform experience, designed around the three fundamentals of cybersecurity – focus, prioritise and impact. The new features enable CISOs and their teams to respond to threats faster and gather valuable data from exposure over time. 

The new platform has been developed specifically to overcome daily challenges faced by CISOs. Prioritisation is a crucial element of a security team’s role as they must continually understand which tasks require immediate attention.

The platform’s home page shows events in order of urgency, whether it be responding to new incidents, or following up on reports pending remediation. The system cuts down the time taken by 50% to manually sift through tasks and allows for greater focus on protecting the company’s assets. 

Harvesting data on an organisation’s exposure to cyberthreats is key to understanding how best to protect a business. CybelAngel’s platform provides visibility for teams to monitor their exposure daily and over longer periods of time. The results are displayed on the platform’s dashboard, reporting each incident, its severity and how many occurred in each month. 

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Given the pace at which situations and teams can change, the platform allows managers to control their access management and coverage easily with a selection of features including, keyword management, user group management and user management. 

The platform facilitates the direct and secure communication between a customer and their dedicated CybelAngel analyst, where all information is protected by the platform’s OAuth 2.0 authentication. The team will receive an email notification when there is a new message on the platform to allow for a quick and easy response. 

Stevan Keraudy, CTO & co-founder at CybelAngel comments: “Our customers’ trust and complete satisfaction is everything we strive for, and we’re confident that this new platform experience will truly aid each individual business in their cybersecurity journey. It has been designed to be more intuitive and collaborative so that CISOs and their teams can focus their energies on protecting their companies from malicious attacks, without having to waste time navigating through their systems. The cyberthreat landscape is constantly evolving, and so we must evolve with it.” 

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