CyberCube Permits Brokers To Better Prepare Clients For Cyber Insurance Placements

CyberCube Permits Brokers To Better Prepare Clients For Cyber Insurance Placements

Cyber risk analytics leader, CyberCube, has launched Prep Module Version 1.0, an add-on module of Broking Manager, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution of choice by discerning brokers, designed explicitly for cyber insurance brokers. When paired with Broking Manager, the add-on module improves a broker’s ability to prepare their clients for the cyber insurance placement process.

Cyber insurance market conditions now require certain cyber hygiene conditions to be met before a company becomes eligible to secure appropriate terms and conditions. With Prep Module, brokers can help their clients identify issues that need to be addressed before underwriters do, identify security ‘red flags’ prior to renewal, and deliver actionable insights to increase insurability. By setting these expectations with their clients about potential obstacles prior to marketing and quoting, brokers increase their value by becoming more effective advisors in today’s cyber insurance marketplace.

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Natalie Chin, CyberCube’s Director of Product Management, said: “As trusted advisors, brokers are best positioned to help their clients prepare for the placement process and ensure they are presenting the best version of themselves. This solution was motivated by the challenges posed by today’s market dynamics. With the release of Prep Module, brokers can now have even more productive conversations around cyber insurance strategies to pave the path to insurability.”

Broking Manager with Prep Module is now available and is the latest enhancement to CyberCube’s continuously evolving suite of solutions and services.

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