Cyber Security Practitioners Supercharge Threat Hunt with Gravwell, a Truly Data-Agnostic Platform

Cyber Security Practitioners

New Big Bang release installs in minutes; offers unlimited data ingestion

Gravwell, a log and network analytics startup funded by Gula Tech Adventures, has launched their most ambitious release to date – appropriately dubbed the “Big Bang” – and added a free trial option to their offering. Businesses and individual practitioners can now explore the infinite potential of unlimited data ingestion and analytics powered by the Gravwell Data Fusion platform.

A Truly Data-Agnostic Log & Network Analytics Platform

Gravwell’s Big Bang release breaks the mold of legacy data ingestion engines, which require data to be parsed or pre-arranged prior to ingestion. Gravwell is completely data-agnostic, meaning you can ingest ANY type of data in its native form.

Ingest natively:  Binary  |  Netflow  |  PCAP  |  Sysmon  |  DNS  | Collectd  |  JSON  |  Images  |  Video  |  + more

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Since any data type can be ingested and analyzed, security analysts and IT Operations teams are finally able to gain true visibility, thereby empowering smarter decisions and swifter response to potential security threats. The fusion of wildly disparate data types enables new possibilities in analytics, resulting in faster answers and better collaboration between Security, QA, DevOps, and IT Operations.

According to co-founder and CEO Corey Thuen:

“The Big Bang release includes features that are crucial for tackling common data problems in cybersecurity and IT operations. Customers can now go from zero to data hero in minutes instead of the days or months it takes with other tools,” states Thuen.

The features in Gravwell’s Big Bang release make it even easier to get started with this powerful tool:

  • Kits – Hit the ground running on common data sources. Initial kits include binary and text log sources such as Netflow, Windows, Syslog, and PCAP.
  • Query Library – Improve collaboration between analysts.
  • Playbooks – Document your unique environment and enable analysts to rapidly address common problems.
  • Actionables – Easily navigate and correlate different data sources.

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Unlimited Ingestion with Predictable Pricing… Finally
Gravwell founders have removed many of the obstacles and big data problems they encountered as practitioners when using legacy programs, most notably the frustration of dealing with predatory pricing models. Co-founder and CTO Kris Watts notes,

“Other companies expect you to be able to predict the future. Pricing scales with the amount of data you ingest, which can lead to teams arguing over what’s most important for future business decisions. With Gravwell, data is always unlimited, so you never have to pick and choose which elements are most important. Your teams can stop fighting each other and focus on your mission instead. Because data is better together.”