CyberMDX Healthcare Security Solution is Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Healthcare Security

Now Available for Healthcare Providers: IoMT and medical network security with simplified procurement and administrative processes

CyberMDX, a leading healthcare cybersecurity provider delivering visibility and threat prevention for medical devices and clinical networks, today announced that the company’s solutions for medical networks and IoMT device security are available in AWS Marketplace.

Recent research from ForgeRock has shown that over the past two years, attacks against the healthcare sector have been on a steady rise. Since 2019, healthcare has eclipsed all other industries as the most targeted industry by hackers and the trend has continued into 2020. With healthcare accounting for some 45% of all data breaches and an average cost of $8.9m per breach in 2019 the status quo in the industry cannot remain the same.

CyberMDX’s solutions are designed to address the growing security challenges hospitals and clinical networks face every day. The solution combines the team’s extensive research into medical device protocols and knowledge of cyber-attacks and medical device vulnerabilities with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to provide healthcare security teams with unprecedented visibility and insight into their networks and medical devices, enabling them to keep up with a constantly evolving threat landscape.

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“We are committed to ensuring that all healthcare providers have easy access to effective cybersecurity solutions wherever they want to buy,” said Carolyn Hieken, VP of Global Sales, at CyberMDX. “AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog trusted by millions. This is an amazing opportunity to allow our customers and the customers of AWS to easily purchase the CyberMDX cloud-base security solution designed to protect their clinical networks and medical devices. It’s a win-win from every way you look at it.”