CyberSecure Appoints Bobby Nakanelua As Chief Technology Officer

CyberSecure Appoints Bobby Nakanelua As Chief Technology Officer

CyberSecure announces key executive management shifts for 2023 and beyond with the appointment of Bobby Nakanelua as Chief Technology Officer. Bobby has held the role of VP of Engineering for the prior 5 years. In this new capacity, he assumes responsibility in leading the business through changes in the enterprise software sector for cyber physical security. In addition, Bobby is charged with driving our strategic initiatives through our Innovations group, particularly, software intellectual property allowing the largest data centers in the world to operationally scale while ensuring government-grade infrastructure security.

To state that Bobby has been a key executive for our growth in recent years is an understatement. Bobby is clearly in his right element as CTO but has also applied his unmatched technical talent with a solid nose for business. I look forward to greater effectiveness from his investment in this sector with the future in mind,” states Scott Rye, CEO and Co-Founder.

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Related to this transition, Steve Sohn, Co-Founder, will now assume new duties as CXO (Chief Customer Experience Officer). In this new charter, Steve will be working closely on the ground and in the field with our strategic customers as he develops multiple frameworks for future product roadmaps – with an eye toward logical expansion of our IP suite of solutions.

“I have been so impressed with Bobby’s continued development; the promotion and change for his own career is perfectly suited to the best interests of our continued growth path as a business and I am looking forward to making sure our current and future products provide maximum ROI for our long-standing customer base; we continue to get stronger on every level and I believe the market is looking for this continued leadership,” states Steve.

CyberSecurity IPS focuses precisely on protecting critical infrastructure. After originating its software work exclusively with the Department of Defense and other 3-letter government organizations requiring the utmost in security standards, CyberSecure IPS expanded into the commercial sector where similar security gaps exist within enterprise data centers, especially “hyper data centers.”

As commercial data centers grow, inherent networks require higher speeds that necessitate higher levels of encryption. Encryption, however, slows down bandwidth significantly; Rye explained that CyberSecure IPS’ hardware monitoring technology offers the same level of protection by ‘watching’ data traffic without interfering with it.

Steve added, “our track record combined with our ability to build compelling solutions to real-world challenges for our largest customers naturally extends our reach through Bobby’s leadership in the Innovations group; this group is already building exciting software capabilities addressing new vectors of knowledge and data insight that the market is demanding. Bobby’s announcement is a bit delayed but not his impact.”

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