Baffle Launches Data Privacy Cloud to Enable Privacy Preserving Analytics on Amazon Redshift

Baffle Launches Data Privacy Cloud to Enable Privacy Preserving Analytics on Amazon Redshift-01

Baffle, Inc., a cloud data protection company, today announced its Data Privacy Cloud supports privacy preserving analytics on encrypted and tokenized data for Amazon Redshift. Baffle provides seamless integration with Amazon Redshift, AWS Glue, and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) without any code changes or performance impact on the user experience. The initial release of the Data Privacy Cloud includes integration support with Amazon Redshift.

The Baffle Data Privacy Cloud runs on AWS Lambda serverless functions allowing companies to easily establish their own data protection services offering for application groups and business units to consume. AWS Lambda allows for virtually infinite scalability and exposes well-known developer interfaces for integration and support for any application.

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Developers can quickly launch Baffle and invoke application calls into the Data Privacy Cloud to easily protect data using a cloud-scalable native service. The service offloads the work of integrating with key management solutions and integrates data-centric privacy and security methods into complex distributed service and data environments.

Baffle supports multiple modes of data transformation and privacy techniques—including tokenization, masking, and encryption—that evolve based on where data is in the analytics pipeline. Redshift customers can now leverage Baffle’s Data Privacy Cloud to secure every step of the data pipeline as source data is migrated to Redshift and used for data analytics.

“Many organizations treat security as an afterthought when moving data to a cloud data warehouse, as protection measures are often deemed complex and disruptive to business analytics efforts,” said Ameesh Divatia, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Baffle. “Baffle’s Data Privacy Cloud helps address this challenge by offering a simple-to-use data protection service that organizations can run in their own virtual private cloud or private cloud. Baffle gives Amazon Redshift users the confidence to proceed with critical data analytics projects by ensuring their data is protected, no matter where it is in the analytics pipeline.”

Baffle’s support for Amazon Redshift and a broad range of other AWS services is another example of the company’s commitment to protecting data in the cloud, allowing customers to maintain the high level of data security and privacy they need to stay competitive. For more information,

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