CyberSecure Unveils Strategic Partnership

CyberSecure Unveils Strategic Partnership

Cybersecure IPS and LockDown Inc. jointly announce that they have entered a strategic alliance to combine their unique offerings to address the rapidly increasing threat to critical infrastructures around the world. This partnership couples the CyberSecure IPS Manhole Protection System with Lockdown’s suite of security devices to strengthen the Defense in Depth (DiD) critical infrastructure security portfolio. This combination presents a series of defensive mechanisms which are layered in order to protect valuable data and information. In the unlikely event one mechanism fails, another is triggered immediately to thwart an attack. This multi-layered approach with intentional redundancies increases the security of a system as a whole and addresses many different attack vectors.

“Our emphasis in developing time-tested software disciplines for the critical infrastructure/enterprise market is a natural fit for the products and services pioneered by LockDown. Our software already meets government-standards for the broad-based cyber-physical security sector. Working together with David and the LockDown team we can ensure current and new customers have access to the industry’s leading capabilities, taking our customer focus to another level,” states Scott Rye, CEO and Co-Founder of CyberSecure.

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David Barton, VP of LockDown, continues, “Our company’s founding and growth reflects a focus on solving customer problems at each turn. We see this strategic alliance as a springboard to expand our addressable customer market building upon our long history within underground infrastructure and government installations. CyberSecure’s industry leading software solutions and Manhole Protection System will ensure that customers truly have confidence to meet the ever-growing requirements for best-of-breed security.”

Scott concluded, “Aligning with LockDown as every area of critical infrastructure demands greater capabilities just makes good business sense. We together can now address Power systems, Chemical, Energy, Telecommunications and a host of critical infrastructure sectors in a way that brings complete one-stop solutions to the table for security officers and their Boards.”

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