Affinio Announces Snowflake Integration to Support Privacy Compliant Audience Enrichment


Affinio’s audience Analytics and Matchmaker platform, now fully embedded inside Snowflake, allows organizations to analyze their data and find data sharing partners in seconds without exposing private data

Today, Affinio, one of the world’s leading graph analytics platforms, announced its embedded integration with Snowflake, creator of the Data Cloud, which enables enterprise users to get the answers they need to their business problems without copying, moving, or exposing raw data. Together, the companies deliver unparalleled data discoverability that empowers organizations to adapt and thrive in a PII-compliant, data-driven business environment.

This partnership combines Snowflake’s secure data sharing capability with Affinio’s graph technology to create Affinio’s Graph Analytics and Matchmaker two-in-one solution. Affinio provides its services without ever touching data.

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Affinio’s Analytics allows any Snowflake user, with or without a technical background, to answer business questions around KPIs, campaign performance, and strategic decision making without ever being exposed to raw data. Traditionally these questions could take weeks or months to arrive at an answer, but with Affinio, users can use one single query to instantly find answers to their most pressing business questions. Leveraging Snowflake’s secure data sharing, Affinio’s Analytics also allows users to analyze cross-departmental data without exposing, moving, or copying PII.

Affinio’s Matchmaker helps data consumers to make faster decisions around potential partners to work with for direct cleanroom engagements while addressing privacy concerns. Data providers can leverage Affinio’s Matchmaker to bring awareness to their data offering without exposing their raw data, and generate free leads.

Together this two-in-one solution enables Snowflake customers to unlock answers in their complex data sets and quickly discover overlaps with internal or external data providers.

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“We’re delighted to announce the integration of Affinio graph technology on Snowflake’s platform,” Snowflake VP of Customer Product Strategy, Data Marketplace, Matt Glickman said. “This solution accelerates internal and external secure data sharing across Snowflake Data Marketplace to drive business value from data in a secure and compliant way.”

“We’re thrilled to be working with Snowflake on what we believe will become the new standard in privacy-centric SaaS offerings. Our solution helps fulfill the promise of data-driven enterprises without moving, copying nor exposing row-level, private data. This will unlock value across newlines of business for Snowflake customers and increase the value of their data investment.” – Tim Burke, Affinio CEO