CYDERES Announces Upgrades to Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP)

CYDERES Announces Upgrades to Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP)

CYDERES, the Security-as-a-Service division of Fishtech Group and a Top 25 MSSP, today announced significant upgrades to its proprietary Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP) with a 2.0 release adding BigQuery and Looker integrations among other customer-value driven enhancements.

CYDERES 24/7/365 security-as-a-service solutions continue to enable organizations to automate and operationalize their security programs to drive unique business outcomes at a fraction of the cost of legacy solutions.

A pre-assembled cybersecurity SaaS offering built on Google Cloud Security’s Chronicle, CNAP has served as an ideal Google Cloud Platform (GCP) service for organizations looking to replace their legacy SIEM or implement Next-Gen Security Analytics, Threat Detection, and Response Capabilities.

CNAP harnesses the speed and power of Chronicle while layering on vital operational functionality with threat detection rules, dashboards and reporting, investigation and hunt capabilities, ticketing system integrations, and a broad range of custom triage workflows and playbooks that scale across petabytes of customer logs in real-time.

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As part of CYDERES CNAP 2.0 launch program, new and existing clients’ UDM parsed security telemetry data in Google Chronicle now leverages industry leading big data analytics tools, BigQuery and Looker, for both pre-built and customized dashboards to easily visualize data ingestion and health, IOC matches, threat detections, authentication events, and much more.

Leveraging experience with clients across the vertical landscape, CYDERES expert team has built unique industry-specific dashboards to empower and accelerate data-driven security outcomes so that organizations can regain their focus on overall growth.

“The continued enhancements to CYDERES CNAP truly enable our customers to experience the power of security analytics at hyperscale and efficiency. The enhanced visualizations alongside the ability to perform millisecond queries across 6 months of telemetry with unmetered ingestion is a game-changer for organizations seeking to modernize their detection and response capabilities,” said Eric Foster, President, CYDERES.

CNAP clients leverage Google Cloud’s full suite of Autonomic Security Operations, an adaptive, agile, and highly automated approach to threat management, but also additional functionality to build machine learning models, parsers, reports, and more. For CYDERES Enterprise Managed Detection and Response customers this also includes a fully dedicated backend ticketing system for the escalation and remediation of alerts.

Google Cloud Chronicle’s partner of the year two years in row, CYDERES CNAP gives organizations a deeper, richer, and more interactive view of their security data.

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