CYDERES delivers Continuous Security Intelligence with SOC Prime

CYDERES delivers Continuous Security

SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace is selected as the primary source of threat detection content for CYDERES Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

CYDERES, the Security-as-a-Service division of Fishtech Group and a Top 25 MSSP, today announced a partnership with SOC Prime, the leader in Continuous Security Intelligence, to bring SOC Prime detection content to all CYDERES managed security customers. Through the partnership, CYDERES customers benefit immediately from the SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace, the largest SaaS threat detection content platform in the world used by more than 12,000 security practitioners from 6,000-plus companies.

CYDERES analysts and developers will now be able to assemble customized content based on each client’s uniquely generated threat profile from a growing library of over 85,000 queries, rules, parsers, machine learning models, SOC ready dashboards, and more content items. By increasing the availability and quality of threat detection content, CYDERES will be able to offer clients improved MTTR to new exploits and vulnerabilities, further reducing risk and ensuring the safety of their customers’ data and systems. Benefits from this partnership include:

  • High-fidelity threat detections through CYDERES Cloud Native Analytics Platform (CNAP) and Managed Detection + Response (MDR) services
  • Collaboration and response to new and emerging threats in real time
  • Tight correlation and mapping to the MITRE ATT&CK(™) framework
  • Integration with Chronicle Security and other SIEM platforms along with other telemetry platforms (EDR and NTA solutions like CrowdStrike and Corelight)

The combined strength of a global community of threat researchers and SOC Prime’s own threat detection expertise keeps SOC and Cyber Response teams continuously abreast of the ever emerging and evolving threats that assault us every day.  With a focus on the tools, techniques, and practices of the malicious adversary, TDM detection content is not solely reliant upon simple alerts and indicators and is very effective at finding evidence and identifying advanced attacks across a wide range of SIEM and analytics platforms.  In the toolkit of the skilled practitioners at CYDERES, efficiency and efficacy of the threat hunt is significantly improved. With immediate access to all of SOC Primes premium content, CYDERES clients can now expect even higher levels of security detection and response.

“This partnership enables CYDERES CNAP to provide advanced detection content without increasing our human capital, helping us deliver on the vision of “legendary service at a fair price” that’s been so instrumental in helping us disrupt the legacy MSSP industry. More importantly, with this incredible baseline of rules, we can repurpose our detection engineering team on creating highly customized content to optimize security protection for each of our clients,” said Eric Foster, Co-Founder and President of CYDERES.

“We are delighted to add CYDERES to our fast-expanding family of MDR and MSSP partners. Our vision at SOC Prime is to be the global content platform for all SOC teams and we can’t fulfill this without their help. CYDERES has been making waves in MDR for several years offering a fresh and innovative engagement and service and we look forward to growing with them,” said Allen Male, Global Head of Partnerships at SOC Prime.

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CYDERES customers will start to see the SOC Prime content available and in action immediately with broader customization through 2021. For those customers with SOC’s and enterprise SIEM’s outside of the managed services from CYDERES, they can license SOC Prime Threat Detection Marketplace with an add-on subscription through Fishtech.