CYFIRMA launches Threat Visibility and Cyber Intelligence Capabilities in AWS Marketplace; joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

CYFIRMA launches Threat Visibility and Cyber Intelligence Capabilities in AWS Marketplace; joins AWS ISV Accelerate Program

CYFIRMA, a threat discovery and cyber-intelligence platform company funded by Goldman Sachs, Zodius Capital and Z3Partners, today announced the availability of CYFIRMA’s two core products, DeCYFIR and DeTCT, in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

AWS offers an unmatched portfolio of cloud services designed to help organizations build secure, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for their applications. DeCYFIR and DeTCT provide an added layer of security to help businesses navigate the evolving threat landscape.

CYFIRMA has also been inducted into the AWS Independent Software Vendors (ISV) Accelerate program, which provides CYFIRMA with co-sell support and benefits to easily gain access to millions of active AWS customers with AWS field sellers globally.

DeCYFIR is a threat discovery and cyber-intelligence platform that arms businesses with personalized and predictive intelligence. To prevent data breaches and cyberattacks, DeCYFIR employs a systematic approach guiding defenders to swiftly identify threats and applying remedial actions to avoid financial and brand damage.

The cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform is non-intrusive, can on-board customers within two hours, and provides customers with insights related to their threat landscape within 24 hours.

DeCYFIR provides visibility into the external threat landscape by monitoring the dark web, hacker forums and various closed communities to look for threat indicators that would signal cybercriminals planning to exploit security weaknesses that could lead to business disruption.

DeCYFIR helps customers complement AWS’s robust cloud security features and services by delivering six foundation pillars of threat discovery and cyber-intelligence on a single unified platform.

  • Attack surface discovery provides real-time continuous monitoring to identify shadow IT or porous systems which can be accessed by cybercriminals. Awareness of attack surface will allow businesses to conduct a realistic cost-benefit analysis of each asset and decide how to shrink their attack surface.
  • Vulnerability intelligence ensures vulnerabilities are mapped to assets and associated exploits and ranked based on criticality. This allows the business to optimize resources to focus on the most important and urgent gaps.
  • Brand intelligence helps businesses understand who, why and how their brand is being targeted and get a complete view of brand infringement by ensuring it is not being tarnished by corporate espionage, insider threats or other malicious bad actors.
  • Digital risk discovery unveils digital footprints and cases of impersonation and data leaks. Businesses obtain near real-time alert on data leaked in the wild, enabling them to plug the gap and avert any further reputation and financial damage.
  • Situational awareness provides a quick view of cyberattacks, incidents and breaches taking place in the client’s industry, the technology they use, and the geography they operate in. These insights guide important business decisions including cyber investments.
  • Cyber-intelligence gives a complete view and insights to the client’s external threat landscape. The client is equipped to keep the enemy at bay by receiving early warning to fend off cyberattacks avoiding disruption that could threaten the business.

DeTCT is a digital risk protection platform with risk and hackability scores to help cybersecurity leaders gain real-time insights into their security profiles. DeTCT uncovers potential attack surfaces, provides vulnerability and brand intelligence, and discovers data breaches and leaks, impersonation and infringement. DeTCT then assists firms in prioritizing measures to increase their security.

By making DeCYFIR and DeTCT available in AWS Marketplace, businesses can further increase cloud security by using threat intelligence to protect themselves against cyberattacks.

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“Customer safety and their personal information remain our utmost priority at Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. With the rising level of cyberattacks, cybersecurity threat intelligence information becomes paramount as a countermeasure and deterrence to these risks. We are confident that CYFIRMA is the right partner for us to work with,” said Mr. Yoshinori Yamane, General Manager of Information Security Management Office, Mitsubishi Motors.

“DeCYFIR is a powerful platform that enhances our cybersecurity posture as it goes one step further in providing critical early warning intelligence to identify attack surfaces and vulnerabilities at the earliest stages, allowing our security team to take rapid action in mitigating risk.”

“As a healthcare services company delivering life-saving medicines to those who need them the most, we own and operate some of the most advanced cold chain facilities, managing temperature-sensitive medicines through innovative and digitalized processes. The rapidly evolving threat landscape in the healthcare industry has shown us the importance of managing cybersecurity in dynamic ways, particularly as we continue rolling out more digitalization initiatives.

CYFIRMA’s DeCYFIR has guided us in our response to cyber risks by providing us with real-time insights and early warnings to malicious activities targeting us,” said Mike Brewster, Vice President Technology, Zuellig Pharma.

“At AWS, security will always be our top priority, and the availability of a broad and deep set of Cloud security services is why customers choose AWS Cloud to run their mission-critical workloads. To augment our native cloud security services, AWS is committed to building a partner ecosystem to provide our customers with the most comprehensive range of security offerings available today.

The AWS Marketplace helps ASEAN ISVs scale internationally and we are excited to add CYFIRMA’s cybersecurity platforms so that AWS’s millions of active customers across the globe can benefit from their offerings,” said Conor McNamara, Managing Director, ASEAN at AWS.

“According to Interpol, in just over a year, cyber threats have increased multifold, leading many firms to reassess how they have been managing cybersecurity. We are happy to make our two key products, DeCYFIR and DeTCT, available in AWS Marketplace to assist businesses globally with strengthening their cloud security.

With DeCYFIR, clients will acquire threats insights to perform successful intelligence hunting and attribution, connecting the dots between hacker, motive, campaign, and method to gain a full perspective of their threat landscape – all on a single unified platform. DeTCT’s real-time digital risk profiling will enable businesses with the much-needed visibility into their risk state, allowing them to take action to enhance their cybersecurity posture.

With both DeCYFIR and DeTCT, businesses of all sizes can accelerate their digitalization journeys knowing we have got their back when it comes to fending off cyberattacks,” said Kumar Ritesh, Founder & CEO of CYFIRMA.

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