Thrivent Advisor Network Raises the Bar With Advisor Gateway, a New Proprietary and Custom-Built Portal

Thrivent Advisor Network Raises the Bar With Advisor Gateway_ a New Proprietary and Custom-Built Portal

Thrivent Advisor Network, the destination for independent purpose-driven advisors looking to deliver fiduciary advice as members of a community with shared values, continues to expand the range of resources available to affiliated advisors.

The latest example is Advisor Gateway, a proprietary portal built from the ground-up to meet the need of advisors and their staff for technology that is secure, easy to use and integrates with existing systems. Creation of the new portal was a collaborative effort driven by input from the Thrivent Advisor Network Advisory Council, industry experts, and subject to extensive real-time beta testing.

Advisor Gateway allows advisors to connect with and receive direct data feeds from many of the business tools and technology partners they work with everyday. In addition to the convenience of a single login, advisors also benefit from enhanced cybersecurity protection that exceeds industry standards by mitigating browser password security risk.

Advisor Gateway is the latest realization of Thrivent Advisor Network’s commitment to providing infrastructure that gives advisors full back-office support including compliance, regulatory filings, contracts, supervision, and technology while they remain in control of their business and brand.

“We want to put enjoyment back into advisors’ daily lives by eliminating administrative burdens and using our industry-leading tech stack and other offerings to help them provide an improved client experience. What our advisors told us they needed didn’t exist, so we invested considerable resources to create Advisor Gateway,” said Carolyn Armitage, Head of Thrivent Advisor Network. “By simplifying processes, the new portal increases efficiency, giving our advisors time back to enjoy what they love most which is building deeper relationships with clients.”

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After an industrywide analysis of existing technology, the leadership team at Thrivent Advisor Network Advisor concluded that none of the existing options offered what they were looking for and that creating a portal for the future meant starting from ground zero.  Advisor Gateway was built with collaboration in mind, bringing together financial information, people, content, and resources in one digital location.

Among the most relevant features of Advisor Gateway is AdvicePay’s new DocuSign integration, making it easier to go paperless in getting financial planning agreements signed, as well as to manage agreements and invoicing in a single system.

It will also give advisors much more control over their own systems by allowing them to choose from a wide range of solutions and technology, such as CRM systems and reporting platforms, from multiple providers.

Other features include internal and external communications tools, curated content, account data, personalized news feeds, a team directory, portfolio reporting, market data and calendars. Additionally, clients will now have their agreement and invoice history in one convenient and secure place.

“Advisors told us they wanted easier access to their existing technology with fewer log-ins,” said Juli Wilder, Head of Growth at Thrivent Advisor Network. “Advisor Gateway does not force a single tech stack into a box, but instead allows advisors to fit their tech stack into the portal. Like Advisor Gateway, we will continue to offer technology that accommodates advisor choice.”

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