CYFIRMA, an external threat landscape and cyber-intelligence platform company, with business operations across APAC, EMEA and the US, today announced that it has named noted business and technology leader Chris Crozier to its advisory board. Chris, who has worked for some of the largest mining and metals companies in the world, brings a deep set of technical expertise and business acumen to CYFIRMA.

“I’ve had the honour of working alongside Chris for a number of years and that experience has left an indelible mark on me. He is widely regarded as an advocate for change and innovation, successfully connecting cybersecurity to business outcomes,” said Kumar Ritesh, CYFIRMA Chairman, Founder and CEO. “Organisations under Chris’ leadership have thrived in the face of unprecedented change. We look towards Chris to help us shape and guide our strategy, and we know we will always have a proven leader to consult with as we accelerate our global expansion and continue to evolve our products.”

Chris is currently the Group Chief Information Officer of Orica, a global leader in mining and infrastructure solutions helping enterprises sustainably mobilise the earth’s resources. Prior to Orica, he held senior executive positions overseeing strategy, technology and operations for BHP, one of the world’s largest natural resources companies. Chris’ vision of building digitally enabled enterprises has helped them navigate their transformation journey to create exponential growth for all stakeholders.

“I am pleased to be engaged with CYFIRMA as an advisor and working with Ritesh and his leadership team to build the best cybersecurity company in their category. CYFIRMA shares my passion for innovation, and I look forward to working with them in this very exciting time as they build on their solid foundation and start their global expansion. I have seen the drive, conviction and resilience of the team, and CYFIRMA’s next stage will see them charting new pathways and scaling both business and technology to serve many more new markets. I’m excited to be part of that journey,” said Chris.

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Developed by security experts and real-world practitioners, CYFIRMA’s external threat landscape management platforms deliver deep insights on threat actors, their motives, cyberattack campaigns and attack methods to enable organizations to be better prepared to meet emerging threats. The company’s flagship product, DeCYFIR, gives cyber defenders six threat views on a single pane of glass – attack surface discovery, vulnerability intelligence, brand intelligence, digital risk monitoring and protection, situational awareness and cyber-intelligence – helping them predict cyberattacks targeting them. The company is also behind the cutting-edge digital risk protection platform, DeTCT. DeTCT helps clients uncover their attack surfaces, know their vulnerabilities, and quickly gain awareness of any data breach or leak as well as third-party risk. With DeTCT, clients protect their brand and reputation by uncovering copyright infringement and executive impersonation.

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