LifeRaft and GeoSure Make Business Alliance to Combine Best-in-Class Security Intelligence with Neighborhood Level Risk Data

LifeRaft and GeoSure Make Business Alliance to Combine Best-in-Class Security Intelligence with Neighborhood Level Risk-01

LifeRaft, a technology company that provides the security industry’s leading threat investigations platform (Navigator), partners with GeoSure to provide the most trusted, granular, location-based safety analysis available. LifeRaft clients will now be able to access GeoSure’s risk and safety data within Navigator for a better depth of knowledge for travel security, situational awareness, and asset protection.

Data science startup GeoSure combines structured and unstructured data sources from country, city, and neighborhood statistics including:

  • Health, economic, and political data feeds
  • Built environment
  • Real-time reporting
  • Mapping technologies
    (And much more)

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LifeRaft’s Navigator will be the exclusive unified threat and risk intelligence platform to integrate GeoSafeScores™ providing the most detailed, scaled, customizable location risk measurement system in the world. GeoSafeScores™ cover eight critical risk categories:

  • Overall safety
  • Women’s safety
  • Physical harm
  • Theft
  • Health and medical
  • LGBTQ+ safety
  • Political freedoms
  • Daytime/Nighttime Safety Adjuster

“The security landscape has evolved immensely over the last two years; understanding the risk profile of a location on an individual basis has never been more important,” says Neil Spencer, Director of Strategy and Partnerships at LifeRaft. “This unique partnership and combined offering provides analysts with vital protective intelligence today and represents exciting possibilities for the future.”

GeoSure is the first company of its kind to provide a granular look at community-based safety environments from broad regional intelligence down to the specifics of a neighborhood. Their trend-driven risk scores combined with Navigator’s situational awareness mapping and real-time alerting will enable protection teams to provide more detailed and accurate briefings from a global to localized level.

“In an era of increasing uncertainty across the risk spectrum, it is as important as ever to distil information and for security teams to make instantaneous, data-driven mitigation decisions, hyper-locally”, said Michael Becker, CEO of GeoSure. “Our partnership with LifeRaft heralds a new chapter in risk intel innovation and duty of care advancements. We’re excited to deliver evincible security value to markets and end-users. And we’re only just getting started.”

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