Cynerio Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community

Cynerio Joins IBM Security App Exchange Community-01

Cynerio, a leading provider of healthcare IoT cybersecurity, today announced an integration with IBM Security QRadar SIEM. Cynerio’s integrations with IBM QRadar are designed to help to safely expedite risk management and security incident response in healthcare environments.

Patient care has seen incredible improvements due to the data, insight, and timeliness provided by connected medical devices. However, as the footprint of these devices in hospitals expands, so do the number of threats, vulnerabilities, and attacker pathways towards them. In the wake of the recent pandemic, healthcare has suffered a relentless onslaught of ransomware attacks and data breaches, with nearly a quarter of those attacks originating on a connected medical or IoT device. The inherent vulnerabilities of IoT devices, which often can’t be secured through traditional IT security tools, have made hospitals and healthcare facilities lucrative targets for increasingly sophisticated threat actors.

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To help protect these medical and connected device environments, data from the Cynerio platform can now feed into IBM QRadar SIEM, bringing together IBM’s risk identification and security event monitoring with Cynerio’s medical-specific and contextual device data. This integration allows customers increased visibility into risks and attacks in their IoT and IoMT environments within QRadar’s “single pane of glass” that many organizations already leverage to respond to risk across their IT infrastructure.

“Hospital security professionals increasingly need solutions that will go beyond taking a simple inventory of all their connected devices and actually streamline the process for remediating the critical device risks that attackers are increasingly using as entry and pivot points,” said Daniel Brodie, CTO and co-founder at Cynerio. “IBM QRadar and Cynerio together give healthcare security teams the visibility and intelligence they need to find and block potential attacker pathways on connected devices.”

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