Cyral Announces On-Call Access Management Trial At Oktane21

Cyral Announces On-Call Access Management Trial at Oktane21

Cyral, the first security solution built for the modern data cloud and the DevOps-first world, today announced a new on-call access management solution that makes it easy for engineering teams to authenticate and authorize production database access and collaboration for on-call engineers.

This new approach allows on-call engineers to tackle time-sensitive tasks while providing cloud infrastructure teams a simplified way to unblock investigations while limiting direct production data access.

Unveiled today at Oktane21, Okta’s annual customer conference, the solution integrates with incident response systems like PagerDuty and chat applications like Slack in order to allow organizations to manage access to S3, Snowflake, MongoDB and other databases while federating identity through Okta. This complete, end-to-end solution provides a strong audit trail of all access approvals and durations.

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With Cyral On-Call Access Management, organizations can:

  • Centralize authentication using an existing identity provider, like Okta or GSuite
  • Grant just-in-time access for production issues to PagerDuty on-call engineers
  • Automatically limit access to production data services
  • Enable self-service for on-call engineers to grant limited access to others for troubleshooting
  • Close audit gaps with detailed activity logs of what data was exposed to whom

14 Day Free Trial: Starting today, Cyral has announced the availability of a 14 day self-service trial that allows an organization to get started in minutes without having to make any changes to their applications.

It can be managed by DevOps teams using their existing infrastructure-as-code workflows, and enables them to implement common-sense access controls to their data repositories for better data security.

Once set up, the service brokers requests for PagerDuty and federates authentication with Okta so that on-call engineers can gain access to production databases and reduce mean time to recovery (MTTR).

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