Cyral Joins the PagerDuty Technology Ecosystem With New Integration for On-Call Access Management

Cyral Joins the PagerDuty Technology Ecosystem With New Integration for On-Call Access Management

Cyral the first data security and governance solution built for the modern data cloud and the DevOps-first world, today announced a seamless integration with PagerDuty (NYSE:PD), a global leader in digital operations management.

The PagerDuty platform makes it easy for customers to manage urgent, mission-critical work – and keep digital services always on. By integrating with PagerDuty, customers now have a simpler way to authenticate and authorize production database access for on-call engineers.

The joint solution improves team collaboration for reducing Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and allows organizations to enforce least privilege at every step for incident response.

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“Organizations today are moving at machine speed and cloud infrastructure teams often struggle to manage access to production data for incident response and troubleshooting. We’re excited about this PagerDuty integration,” said Manav Mital, CEO and Cofounder at Cyral. “PagerDuty is a highly respected market leader, and together with Cyral we are bringing tremendous value to enterprises in their ability to accelerate secure access, incident response and MTTR.”

“We are dedicated to expanding our security focused partner integrations and excited about Cyral joining our ecosystem,” said Steve Gross, Sr. Director, Global Technology Ecosystem, PagerDuty.

“PagerDuty’s customers trust us to manage their digital operations. Engineering teams often have to jump through hoops to tackle time sensitive issues while cloud infrastructure teams need to unblock investigations and keep production data access secure. PagerDuty and Cyral customers will benefit with the ability to collaborate more securely and have more insights to better manage potential threats.”

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With Cyral On-Call Access Management, organizations with PagerDuty can:

  • Centralize authentication using an existing identity provider, like Okta, Active Directory or GSuite
  • Grant just-in-time access for production issues to PagerDuty on-call engineers
  • Automatically limit access to production data services
  • Enable self-service for on-call engineers to grant limited access to others for troubleshooting
  • Close audit gaps with detailed activity logs of what data was exposed to whom

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