CYSIAM partners with CrowdStrike to secure clients’ operations


The cyber security firm CYSIAM announced it is partnering with CrowdStrike, a leader in cloud-delivered endpoint and workload protection, to utilise the CrowdStrike Falcon Overwatch solution as part of CYSIAM’s new Cyber Defence Operations (CDO) service.

CYSIAM will launch their CDO service formally over the summer of 2021 throughout the UK, having been developed over the past two years to meet growing demand for affordable, but highly effective, protection against the exponentially increasing threat of ransomware attacks across multiple sectors.

“This past year demand for incident response has gone through the roof,” said Dave Allan, managing director and chief technology officer of CYSIAM, “re-use of state-developed techniques by criminals coupled with a low barrier to entry for ransomware capability and the increased attack surface created by the COVID pandemic has increased an already rapidly escalating threat curve.”

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The CYSIAM solution will bring together best-of-breed technology with operational experience and expertise, at a price point that works. CYSIAM threat analysts and incident responders are all security cleared by the UK government and have experience of operating in some of the world’s most high threat and pressurised environments.

The CYSIAM solution comprises:

  • 24/7 Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR): Delivers visibility and in-depth analysis of endpoints through CrowdStrike’s Falcon OverWatch to automatically detect suspicious activity and ensure stealthy attacks – and breaches – are stopped before they turn into serious incidents.
  • Network Intrusion detection System (NIDS): Places strategic point(s) within the network to monitor traffic to and from all connected devices. Once an attack is identified, or abnormal behaviour is sensed, the alert can be sent to the analyst for further action.
  • Threat Intelligence (TI): Our multilingual intelligence experts bring a combination of human and technology capability that aggregates, correlates, and analyses threat data from multiple sources in real time to support defensive actions.
  • Emergency Incident Response: Security cleared expert response and investigation team is ready to deploy at short notice to serious attacks with full working knowledge of your business operations and IT infrastructure.
  • Digital Forensics: An investigations capability which can span all device-types, rapidly acquiring data to a secure environment and conducting root cause analysis, providing confidence the threat is removed and informing remediation activities.
  • Threat Hunting: The team hunts relentlessly to see and stop the stealthiest sophisticated threats: the 1% of 1% of threats that blend in silently and lead to a breach if they remain undetected.

“What we see all the time,” Dave Allan added, “is medium-size organisations that can afford technology but not a team of expertise, so products get bought and are either quite ineffective, or misconfigured giving a false sense of security. What we have put together is a fully outsourced solution which is technically world-leading, but also affordable for all who take cyber risk and operational resilience seriously.”

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When asked why CYSIAM chose to partner with CrowdStrike over their competitors, Dave Allan pointed to CrowdStrike’s performance, technical versatility, and fearsome reputation with offensive security experts.

“We have taken the advice of red teaming experts that we respect greatly, and the adversary they dread the most is CrowdStrike. For us, that is the best endorsement. That, coupled with the ability to integrate the CrowdStrike product range with our existing technology stack, is why we chose this exciting partnership.”

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