Cyware and Cofense Announce Integration Partnership to Operationalize Phishing Intelligence

Phishing Intelligence

Cyware, the leading provider of threat intelligence and cyber fusion solutions, and Cofense®—the global leader in intelligence phishing defense solutions—today announced the availability of multiple integrations designed to allow users to speed up the threat intelligence lifecycle and orchestrate response actions to enable security teams to stay ahead of threats.

The integration with Cofense Intelligence allows users to incorporate high-fidelity, human-verified phishing threat intelligence data from Cofense into Cyware’s threat intelligence platform, CTIX.

The Cofense Triage app, which is now available within Cyware’s SOAR solution, CSOL, leverages the Cofense Triage API to automate the process of ingesting employee-reported phishing indicators. When inserted into a larger Playbook Workflow, analysts have the ability to automate a typically time-consuming triage workflow. This frees up valuable time for the analyst—ensuring that routine, repetitive tasks are completed with consistency and efficiency.

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For organizations with limited time, resources, or security personnel, it’s vitally important to improve efficiencies wherever possible. The integrations between Cyware and Cofense allows security leaders to create automated, standardized processes while providing analysts with the information they need to quickly analyze large amounts of data and prioritize what is truly malicious.

“With phishing attacks continuing to increase in usage and sophistication, we felt that it was important to combine Cofense’s Intelligence and Triage into our TIP and SOAR solutions.” says Amit Patel, VP of Sales – Americas at Cyware. “This partnership gives our joint users the ability to better analyze, automate, and respond to phishing attacks.”

“We are excited to be working with Cyware and helping our mutual customers realize the operational value of our combined solutions for quicker phishing threat detection and response. Their addition to the Cofense Technology Alliance Partners (TAP) program further emphasizes our commitment to building strong, technical integrations and delivering innovation to our customers,” says Allan Carey, VP of Business Development at Cofense.