Dahua Technology launches easy-to-install, competitively priced electronic turnstile

Dahua Technology launches easy-to-install_ competitively priced electronic turnstile-01

Dahua Technology, a specialist in intelligent AIoT solutions and electronic security, has just launched its line of access control turnstiles ASGB series, with swing-opening type and ASGY series with “angel wing” opening. Easy to install, with competitive prices and versions for indoor and outdoor installation, they are made of stainless steel and acrylic and allow the installation of facial recognition readers (with or without temperature gauge), QR code, card and biometrics.

Among the main features, we highlight the opening of the doors in just 0.6 seconds, a sensor for counting people and the intelligence to detect and trigger an alarm in the following cases of irregular use of the product: two people passing at the same time, attempt to jump the turnstile, blocking the passage and intrusion.   

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“One of the differentials is to allow the configuration in nine models of passage that includes adjustable speed of opening and closing of the doors and combination of the multiple authentication methods available, allowing the configuration according to the needs of each installation site”, says Lucas Kubaski , Solutions Director at Dahua Technology. He adds that the turnstiles have an anti-collision sensor and can be integrated into the fire system, for automatic doors opening and facilitating the evacuation of the building in case of accidents.

The product, like all others that carry the Dahua signature, is integrated with the unified security monitoring platform, DSS Pro. Through the software, the customer manages the device, configures the rules of use and rescues the images (when facial recognition readers are used), among other benefits such as integration with the CCTV system. It is indicated for places of great circulation where it is necessary to control the entry and exit of people, such as educational institutions, commercial buildings, hospitals, subway and bus terminals and stations, stadiums and shopping centers.

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