DapuStor Achieves VMware IOVP Certification for PCIe4.0 Solid State Drives


DapuStor received VMware IOVP certification for their full range of PCIe4.0 SSDs(Solid State Drives), including the Roealsen5 R5100 and Xlenstor2 X2900 series. This marks a milestone for their SSDs’ compatibility with VMware vSphere and availability in virtual environments.

VMware is a leading vendor of multi-cloud services for all applications. The VMware Ready designation signifies the highest level of endorsement for products and solutions created by trusted partners. The IOVP certification is specific to I/O devices in the VMware Ready program. This certification evaluates features of enterprise SSDs, focusing on basic functions, reliability, and stability. After passing the test, VMware lists the product information on vCG for compatibility reference.

DapuStor PCIe4.0 SSDs deliver excellent performance and reliability in VMware. The DapuStor Roealsen5 R5100 series is built on DapuStor in-house DPU600 controller and firmware with KIOIXA the latest 3D eTLC. The newest PCIe4.0 SSD offers a 100% improvement in bandwidth and IOPS performance compared with the PCIe3.0 Haishen3 series. It provides 4K random R/W IOPS up to 1750K/550K, and sequential read/write speeds up to 7.4/5.4 GB/s.

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As the latest generation enterprise SLC SSD of DapuStor, the Xlenstor2 X2900 Series supports PCIe4.0 and 4K random read/write IOPS up to 1750/1340K. Meanwhile, it provides superior fast response services with extremely low random read/write latency, less than 17µs in read and 5µs in write.

In the future, DapuStor will continue to maintain its partnership with VMware to ensure that its SSDs are fully compatible with each other, ensuring high-performance and reliable storage experiences for enterprise and data center clients.

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