Dataddo Expands Data Integration Platform with First-Ever Pipeline-Level Data Quality Firewall


Dataddo, an automated, end-to-end data integration platform, has today announced the launch of its Data Quality Firewall—a feature that ensures the accuracy of any data the platform extracts to storages like BigQuery, Snowflake, and S3. This comes as an addition to the suite of other data quality features already embedded in the platform, which lowers the costs of data preparation and improves the outcomes of AI and other data initiatives.

According to Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of $12.9 million every year, and the situation is expected to deteriorate as data ecosystems grow more complex. However, if addressed early in the data lifecycle, quality issues are likely to be much easier to solve. Dataddo’s multi-layered approach to data quality is a direct response to this universal challenge, with the Firewall being the latest layer. 

The Firewall is the first of its kind to be fully embedded in an ETL platform at the pipeline level. Built on top of Dataddo’s proprietary integration technology, it performs checks on null values, zero values, and anomalies, and can be configured individually for each column, enabling granular quality control. It offers multi-mode operation to accommodate various fault tolerance standards, and rules are easy to configure and test in the platform’s no-code interface.

“Our Firewall is the first line of defense for data quality,” says Dataddo CEO and founder Petr Nemeth. “By intercepting corrupt and non-compliant data at the earliest stage of integration, it primes any data-driven initiative for success.” This is especially important for AI workloads, which, according to McKinsey, are consistently hindered by poor data quality.

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The Firewall is a powerful supplement to Dataddo’s other inbuilt quality features, like automatic format harmonization for output of machine-readable data, various write modes, and the Data Quality Watcher—the equivalent of the Firewall for direct integrations of online services with dashboarding destinations. 

“The Data Quality Firewall plays into our overarching mission as an integration tool vendor: to enable movement of data from one end of an infrastructure to the other, with as little complexity as possible,” Nemeth continues. 

In addition to ETL and ELT functionality, the Dataddo platform supports database replication, reverse ETL, and direct integration of online services with dashboarding applications.

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