Datadog Announces Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace to Support Customers’ Cloud Migrations

Datadog Announces Availability on Google Cloud Marketplace to Support Customers' Cloud Migrations

Datadog, Inc., the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced its availability on Google Cloud Marketplace, deepening its partnership with Google Cloud. Google Cloud customers can now purchase Datadog with just a few clicks on the Google Cloud Marketplace, allowing them to quickly and easily monitor the health of their applications and infrastructure across their Google Cloud and hybrid cloud environments.

Google Cloud Marketplace offers integrated solutions vetted by Google Cloud, to support customers’ enterprise IT needs. Customers rely on Google Cloud Marketplace to identify and purchase the third-party tools that help them move to, build on and work in Google Cloud. In addition to easier access, customers who purchase Datadog through Google Cloud Marketplace will benefit from consolidated billing and streamlined procurement. Datadog usage will appear directly on customers’ Google Cloud invoices, and customers will be able to pay for a portion of this usage with their committed Google Cloud spend.

“By making Datadog available on Google Cloud via Marketplace, customers will have access to Datadog’s advanced monitoring and security capabilities,” said Amy Bray, Global Head, Google Cloud Marketplace, Google. “With Datadog on Google Cloud, customers can quickly begin leveraging its capabilities in application monitoring and security, ultimately helping them accelerate their cloud migrations and digital transformations.”

“We’re excited that Datadog is now available in the Google Cloud Marketplace,” said Marc Weisman, Vice President, Product Management, Datadog. “Monitoring and security are crucial for companies as they move their infrastructure and applications to the cloud, and we look forward to supporting Google Cloud customers as they undertake these initiatives.”

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Datadog’s existing partnership and support for Google Cloud includes:

  • Access to Datadog’s 450+ integrations on Google Cloud’s scalable and secure infrastructure, including integrations with Google Cloud services such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery and more.
  • The ability to deploy the Datadog Agent directly on hosts and compute instances in Google Cloud, to collect metrics with greater granularity.
  • Extended go-to-market collaboration and deeper sales alignment with Google Cloud and Datadog sales teams.
  • Continued investment into product co-innovation with more native joint solutions around Anthos, Open Telemetry and the Google Cloud operations suite.

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