Mitsubishi Electric and TXOne Networks to Cooperate in Mutual Expansion of OT Security Businesses


Mitsubishi Electric Corporation and TXOne Networks Inc. announced today that they have signed a long-term cooperation agreement covering technology development and marketing, aiming at expanding the operational-technology (OT) security businesses of both companies.

OT and industrial control systems in manufacturing sites are often operated in closed environments, with IT and OT systems separated from each other. However, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation (DX) is enabling convergence between these two domains. As a result, cyberattacks targeting manufacturing sites in industries such as semiconductors and automobiles have increased, leading to production disruptions and highlighting the growing need for more robust security measures in factories.

Through their new collaboration, the two companies aim to create innovative new value in OT security by combining Mitsubishi Electric’s assessment, maintenance and operation services as well as control equipment and systems with TXOne’s OT security products. The new OT security solutions are expected to improve manufacturing productivity, efficiency and safety as well as security levels throughout the supply chains of various industries.

Mitsubishi Electric offers comprehensive OT security solutions to protect manufacturing sites from cyberattacks. The company has cultivated extensive experience in IT security technology for the financial industry and other sectors, and has developed in-depth knowledge of control equipment and systems, especially for manufacturing, which it provides through a full range of services, from assessment and consulting to countermeasures and operational support.

TXOne provides OT security solutions that enable manufacturers to comply with security guidelines, such as the semiconductor sector’s SEMI E187 specification. The company’s OT-native network segmentation and defense technologies enable customers to mitigate the impact of cyberattacks. Based on a principle of ‘OT Zero Trust,’ TXOne adapts to the unique characteristics of each OT environment to deliver cybersecurity solutions that support secure production operations.”

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“We look forward to creating new value in OT security by combining OT technology and expertise for manufacturing, infrastructure and building automation with security technology for information systems,” said Kunihiko Kaga, Mitsubishi Electric’s Representative Executive Officer and Industry and Mobility Business Area Owner. With the continued evolution of DX and the increasing sophistication and complexity of cyberattacks, OT security measures must extend from the information communication layer to the control communication layer and deeper into the network layer. We are confident that our synergy with TXOne’s OT network segmentation and defense technologies will enable us to contribute to greater safety and security in OT environments and the world beyond.”

“As cyber threats continue to evolve, TXOne remains committed to fortifying the industrial landscape with pioneering OT security solutions,” said Dr. Terence Liu, CEO of TXOne Networks. “The collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric and TXOne Networks creates a unique value with our deep-rooted expertise in both IT and OT, forming comprehensive and holistic security services to safeguard manufacturing assets against the ever-evolving cyber risks at once. Our mutual dedication empowers industries to thrive securely in this digital age.”

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