Datadog Announces Support for Application Monitoring with AWS App Runner

Datadog Announces Support for Application Monitoring with AWS App Runner-01

Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), a monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced support for application monitoring with AWS App Runner, joining Amazon Web Services (AWS) as a Launch Partner for the new fully managed service. This new functionality will help engineering and product teams scale, deploy, and monitor their apps without the burden of managing their own infrastructure.

AWS App Runner is a purpose-built container application service that enables customers to build and run containerized web applications and APIs with no prior container or infrastructure experience required. Customers can simply provide their source code, container image, or deployment pipeline and AWS App Runner will build and deploy the application, automatically handling the load balancing, encryption, and scaling needed.

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The Datadog integration with AWS App Runner allows customers to comprehensively monitor their applications managed by AWS App Runner to:

  •  Identify errors: track the success rate of requests to detect issues in code leading to errors.
  • Ensure adequate resourcing: get visibility into applications with under or over-provisioned compute and memory.
  • Know when to scale up or down: understand application latency to set the right autoscaling rules.
  • Ensure security: observe and analyze all AWS App Runner API activity.

“At Datadog, we’re focused on helping customers monitor their applications wherever and however they run,” says Ilan Rabinovitch, Senior Vice President, Product and Community at Datadog. “Using AWS App Runner, customers can now more easily deploy and scale their web applications from a container image or source code repository. With our new integration, customers can monitor their AWS App Runner metrics, logs, and events to troubleshoot issues faster, and determine the best resource and scaling settings for their app.”

“We are pleased to see Datadog integrating its monitoring capabilities with AWS App Runner at launch,” says Fernando Zandona, General Manager, Serverless Containers at AWS. “By removing the need to manage and configure infrastructure, AWS App Runner makes it easy for teams to build, deploy, and run modern web applications in just a few minutes. We are pleased that developers can use Datadog’s observability platform to better track application performance and debug issues more quickly using AWS App Runner.”

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