First of a Kind Managed Service Platform (MSP) For Monitoring Legacy Critical Infrastructure Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Comes at a Critical Time

First of a Kind Managed Service Platform (MSP) For Monitoring Legacy Critical Infrastructure Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Comes at a Critical Time-01

Cynalytica Inc. announces the availability of OT-OptICS™ as a Managed Service Platform. An industry first, OT-OptICS™ is a ML/AI-driven cybersecurity platform for serial-connected ICS and is the company’s new Managed Service Platform that delivers continuous monitoring and inspection of legacy critical infrastructure control systems.

“As the public is becoming increasingly and painfully aware, critical infrastructures have been and continue to face an onslaught of sophisticated and persistent cyber campaigns. It is imperative that organizations start safely, and securely monitoring their serial-connected critical infrastructure ICS. Serial-connected ICS are insecure by design and do not provide a level of visibility required for cyber-resilient operations, making them an opportune target for motivated threat actors,” explains Richard Robinson, CEO of Cynalytica.  “It is akin to a tinder box that each time we connect one of these networked environments we throw another match into the mix.”

OT-OptICS™, built off Cynalytica’s SerialGuard AnalytICS Platform, allows operators to safely and securely monitor their serial-connected industrial control systems and quickly detect anomalous communications that may be indicative of a cyber event or operational error. The platform validates legacy cyber-physical systems by passively monitoring level 0/1 serial communications and automatically alerting on anomalous behavior.

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Based on Idaho National Laboratory’s (INL) award-winning technology, Autonomic Intelligent Cyber Sensor (AICS), Cynalytica’s machine learning integration enables the platform to learn and understand serial network behavior, empowering it to autonomously baseline normal operations and quickly detect anomalous events.

The platform can be deployed across all industry verticals that utilize serial-connected legacy field devices, including many critical infrastructure sectors.

“We have seen first-hand that there is a significant education, skills and resources challenge for all critical infrastructure operators in being able to close the widening gap between cyber attacks and the ability to protect against them. By providing operators with OT-OptICS™ as a managed service platform we can help them quickly close this gap”.

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