Datadog Extension for AWS Lambda Now Generally Available

Datadog Extension for AWS Lambda Now Generally Available

Datadog, Inc. (NASDAQ: DDOG), the monitoring and security platform for cloud applications, today announced the general availability of Datadog’s AWS Lambda extension. This feature enables engineering teams to send their metrics, traces, and logs securely to Datadog with minimal overhead to their business-critical serverless applications.

AWS Lambda extensions, a new feature from Amazon Web Services (AWS), represent a major step forward, allowing developers to run monitoring and security tools alongside their function code without complex installation processes or configuration management. For teams using Datadog’s AWS Lambda extension, this can translate to saved time and money.

“We build on serverless for maximum development velocity, simplicity and scalability,” said Zack Kanter, CEO and founder, “Datadog’s serverless monitoring capabilities are best-in-class and we were confident that it would scale with our growth. With their extension for AWS Lambda, we’re able to use our metrics, traces, and logs to identify and resolve issues at the operational speed we require.”

“We are delighted to see Datadog’s monitoring platform extend to support AWS Lambda extensions,” said David Richardson, Vice President, Serverless, AWS. “AWS Lambda extensions make it even easier for developers to adopt their preferred monitoring and security tools, and we’re excited to work with Datadog on the general availability launch of AWS Lambda extensions and of their monitoring extension.”

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“We’re seeing AWS Lambda functions being invoked six times more often than two years ago,” said Ilan Rabinovitch, Senior Vice President, Product & Community, Datadog. “Our latest State of Serverless report, coming out May 25, 2021, reveals that serverless continues to power more of the websites we use every day. We’re excited to give our customers easier, cheaper visibility into their serverless applications with Datadog’s AWS Lambda extension.”

Datadog’s AWS Lambda extension allows customers to collect telemetry from serverless applications. Developers can quickly add custom business metrics, distributed tracing, and collect logs from serverless applications to identify and diagnose errors before they impact customer experience. Datadog Serverless Monitoring supports all official AWS Lambda runtimes, ensuring that every team has visibility into their services.

The Datadog Lambda extension is generally available to all Datadog Serverless Monitoring customers.

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