DataStax Announces New Multi-cluster Support for Apache Cassandra™ on Kubernetes

DataStax Announces New Multi-cluster Support for Apache Cassandra™ on Kubernetes-01

 DataStax, the real-time data company, today announced a new Operator for K8ssandra, the cloud-native, open-source distribution of Apache Cassandra™ on Kubernetes. The new K8ssandra Operator supports multiple Kubernetes clusters, enabling organizations to easily deploy critical, real-time applications that require high availability on Kubernetes, across multiple regions.

“Organizations today are deploying global, data-driven applications that are critical to their business. These must remain online even in the event of natural disasters or cloud and data center outages and have no geographic limitations,” said Patrick McFadin, vice president of developer relations at DataStax. “With the new K8ssandra Operator, the barriers and expertise needed to easily deploy and manage Cassandra in the most demanding environments with the flexibility of Kubernetes are eliminated.”

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The recent report, “Data on Kubernetes 2021”,  shows that the majority of organizations want to standardize on Kubernetes, but operator challenges are proving a barrier to more widespread adoption. Because Kubernetes was not designed to have cross-regional orchestration or management responsibilities, companies have had to manage multiple components and installations separately through a series of Helm charts, the package manager for Kubernetes.

With the new K8ssandra Operator, users can create a single Cassandra cluster spanning multiple Kubernetes clusters across multiple regions, providing a single control plane for simplified configuration, management and operations. This delivers low latency as data sits close to users who are distributed across the globe.


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