Delinea Platform Debuts with Latest Release of Secret Server to Unify Critical PAM Capabilities

Delinea Platform Debuts with Latest Release of Secret Server to Unify Critical PAM Capabilities

Delinea, a leading provider of solutions that seamlessly extend Privileged Access Management (PAM), today introduced the Delinea Platform, a cloud-native foundation for Delinea’s industry-recognised PAM solutions that empowers end-to-end visibility, dynamic privilege controls, and adaptive security. The Delinea Platform supports the latest version of Secret Server, its award-winning vault solution, as well as a VPN-less secure Remote Access Service for vendors and remote workers and a rich integrations ecosystem through the Delinea marketplace. 

According to Identity Defined Security Alliance research, 84% of organisations have experienced an identity-related breach in the last year. Compromised identities are a common thread for almost all cyber incidents, necessitating a more unified approach to cybersecurity in today’s complex IT environments. According to Gartner, organisations that adopt cybersecurity mesh architectures will reduce the financial impact of security incidents by an average of 90% by 2024. The adoption of a strategic platform for Privileged Access Management aligns with a cybersecurity mesh strategy that encourages organisations to move away from numerous point solutions, increasing visibility while improving both security and efficiency. 

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The Delinea Platform provides authorisation for all identities, controlling access to an organisation’s most critical hybrid cloud infrastructure and sensitive data to help reduce risk, ensure compliance, and simplify security. With the launch of the Delinea Platform, organisations can now centrally manage and access privileged credentials through Secret Server, administer VPN-less secure remote access and session monitoring for third-party vendors and contractors with Remote Access Service, and integrate with critical IT and security solutions from the Delinea marketplace — all from the same cloud interface. Supporting these critical PAM capabilities on the Delinea Platform makes the first step toward PAM maturity less complex.  

The expanding number of siloed security tools and an exponential growth of human and machine identities with privileges make it difficult to manage privileged access confidently. As more capabilities are continuously delivered on the Delinea Platform, organisations can manage the authorisation of all identity types with unified and centralised management to optimise productivity while enhancing security. Future enhancements to the Delinea Platform will continue to enable seamless security with analytics-based access controls and adaptive privilege automation across IT infrastructure — ensuring that identities have the right access with approved permissions at the appropriate time. 

“The Delinea Platform will revolutionise the market by unifying and extending Privileged Access Management, dramatically reducing risk from the most common thread across all cyberattacks – compromised identities,” said Phil Calvin, Chief Product Officer at Delinea. “We are excited to take this first step by unifying the critical and core PAM capabilities on the Delinea Platform to provide world-class usability, seamless security, and simplified pricing that will accelerate adoption for our customers.” 

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