Privitar Announces New Integration with AWS Outposts That Enables Organizations To Safely Use Sensitive Data for Analytics in the Hybrid Cloud


Privitar, the leading data privacy platform provider, has announced a new integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts that enables organizations to safely use sensitive data for analytics in the hybrid cloud. Through the integration, customers can leverage AWS native services in Outposts to easily deploy the Privitar Data Privacy Platform™ in both on-premise and cloud environments, then scale the solution as their data needs grow and evolve.

“The integration between Privitar and AWS Outpost takes a best practice approach to safely enabling sensitive data for analytics and provides a truly hybrid experience,” said Steven Totman, Privitar’s Chief Product Officer. “The integration makes it easy for organizations to protect the privacy of sensitive data in their own data centers while preserving its analytical utility, then safely shift the protected data into the cloud while complying with data privacy and data residency regulations. By applying privacy protections to the data whenever it is needed, Privitar is accelerating access to protected data and democratizing data usage for insights and analytics.”

AWS Outposts provides the benefit of cloud services in on-premise data centers, extending AWS infrastructures, APIs, and toolsets into on-premises and hybrid cloud workloads for smoother migrations and better performance outcomes, closer to home. Privitar’s powerful data privacy platform enables businesses to analyze their potentially sensitive data, use that data to gain valuable insights, and support data-driven decisions while keeping that data safe at the same time.

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The integration between Privitar and AWS Outposts increases the agility of sensitive data, optimizes its analytical value, reduces associated risks, and supports compliance requirements. This is of particular value to organizations that handle large quantities of personal or otherwise sensitive information (e.g. financial services, insurance, healthcare, telecommunications). Rather than locking sensitive data away and treating it as a liability, customers can protect their data by baking privacy in so they can take full advantage of AWS analytics and machine learning tools, deriving value as they leverage sensitive data as an asset.

Privitar’s privacy protections are applied to customer data in AWS Outposts, so raw sensitive data doesn’t leave their data center, and they remain in compliance with data privacy and sovereignty regulations. In addition, protected data sets are digitally watermarked with traceable and auditable metadata.

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Privitar is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN), has achieved AWS Competencies in “Security” and “Data and Analytics,” and is featured in the AWS Marketplace.