DoControl Application Now Available in the CrowdStrike Store with Capability to Auto-Remediate Malicious Files on SaaS Applications

DoControl Application Now Available in the CrowdStrike Store with Capability to Auto-Remediate Malicious Files on SaaS Applications-01

control, the automated SaaS security company, today announced that its application is now available in the CrowdStrike Store, enabling CrowdStrike Falcon customers to easily integrate with its fully automated SaaS Security solution for prompt remediation of suspicious files on corporate SaaS applications.

The DoControl app in the CrowdStrike Store ingests rich endpoint telemetry from the CrowdStrike Falcon® platform’s single, lightweight agent to automatically cross-reference CrowdStrike detections with the same files stored in corporate SaaS applications that employees use daily. In the event of a matched compromised file, an automated DoControl workflow is triggered to remediate in a myriad of ways, users can configure a push alert/webhook or automate the deletion of the file.

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“The CrowdStrike Store’s unified and open ecosystem of trusted applications provides a strategic choice of partners and interoperable IT and security technologies to address modern threats and extend the Falcon platform to strengthen organizations’ security posture,” said Matthew Polly, vice president of Worldwide Alliances, Channels and Business Development. “We are excited to have DoControl as part of the CrowdStrike Store and to make available their automated data access control technology to CrowdStrike customers so that organizations may better detect and respond to suspicious access and files in their SaaS applications.”

This integration extends the CrowdStrike Falcon platform’s endpoint protection capabilities into SaaS data and application protection with simple, remediation-first, automated security workflows. CrowdStrike customers can establish secure collaboration with customers, vendors, and partners to prevent the exposure of suspicious SaaS assets that were flagged by the CrowdStrike Falcon platform.

“Our collaboration enables CrowdStrike customers to take the cybersecurity fight beyond endpoints, extending their rich endpoint telemetry into the SaaS applications that enterprises now rely on for business enablement,” noted Adam Gavish, DoControl’s co-founder and CEO. “The CrowdStrike Falcon platform is ideal in enabling DoControl to stop the spread of malicious files through SaaS applications used to drive collaboration. By combining DoControl and the Falcon platform security teams can focus on what matters most: finding and remediating threats fast, on your endpoints and now in your SaaS applications.”

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