Dubb Solves Zoom-Bombing and Video Conference Fails With Actionable Video Platform

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Dubb Solves Zoom-Bombing and Video Conference Fails With Actionable Video Platform ITSW

Dubb, announces the launch of Dubb ActionVideos™, unique technology to support business video communication and overcome the limitations of live video. Dubb ActionVideos™ allows viewers to interact directly with video content through call-to-action buttons. Amidst COVID-19, and much of the country working remotely from home, video communication has become essential to hundreds of millions. However, as video conferencing usage increases, more people are discovering disconcerting issues involving IT, security, and thus, productivity.

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The world is unpredictable. Zoom-bombing. Dogs barking. Connection issues. Kids’ needs. Businesses are realizing that meeting live every time they want to communicate with video quickly becomes unproductive. To avoid the limitations of live video, Dubb allows individuals to create and share pre-recorded, actionable videos of themselves and their screens. Dubb has integrations with over 70 popular tools, including Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Slack, Asana, and more.

“The world has changed. Now with a near worldwide home quarantine, people are flocking to solutions like Zoom for live video but are finding a  new set of challenges involving privacy, connectivity issues, scheduling, and productivity. Pre-recorded video is a convenient solution to many of these problems. After all, sending a Dubb video via the Dubb mobile app, Chrome Extension or Desktop recorder is the next best thing to real-life, in real-time. You’re getting the benefits of video – building trust and understanding – with the convenience of an email or text,” said Dubb CEO and Founder, Ruben Dua. “We are also proud to support the effort of social distancing by offering unlimited storage without video limits on all our paid and free plans to support people working remotely during this difficult time.”

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