Echola Systems launches a 20-port Air Gap Switch to Address Quickly Scaling 25/100 GbE Servers & Storage Market

Echola Systems launches a 20-port Air Gap Switch to Address Quickly Scaling 25100 GbE Servers _ Storage Market-01

To defend against today’s ransomware attacks, organizations should have backup storage isolation and a fast recovery strategy. According to the federal regulatory agency FFIEC, “An air-gapped data backup architecture limits exposure to a cyber attack and allows for data restoration to a point in time before the attack began.” The Echola Systems VFC2011 series optical switch provides a physical layer (L1) isolation for your critical data backup storage with a less than 10 ms switching speed.

The VFC2011 switch is a 20 port VOA-based fiber-cut optical switch with standard LC connectors. Since these are L1 switches, they don’t require expensive transceivers, and it directly connects to your network equipment transceivers that need protection against ransomware attacks.

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Each port of VFC2011 can support up to 100GbE speed and comes with single-mode and multi-mode optics and connector options. For example, in a bi-directional isolation scenario, one VFC2011 can support up to 10 NAS Nodes of 25GbE or 5 NAS Nodes of 100GbE (4-lanes with breakout cables). It also provides a 100 Mbps port for management connectivity and supports REST APIs over a secured HTTPS connection.

Echola Systems recommends complementing their air gap switch with an immutable Data Backup and Recovery tool and a Ransomware Detection tool called Network Detection and Response. In addition, you can refer to the following post, “A Real Air Gap Defense Against Today’s Ransomware Attacks,” for an air gap implementation using the VFC2011-SM switch in a clustered NAS environment.

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