EchoStor Technologies and Ovatio Technologies Announce Strategic Partnership

EchoStor Technologies and Ovatio Technologies

Union Provides Enterprise Customers Microsoft Optimization as a Service and Cloud Support

EchoStor Technologies and Ovatio Technologies are proud to announce the formation of a strategic partnership. The union of the two companies provides EchoStor customers with Microsoft cloud consulting services and support for the application development, system integration, automation, and DevOps needs of a developing hybrid cloud environment. For Ovatio Technologies, EchoStor will support its enterprise customers with advanced services for data resiliency and protection, networking, infrastructure security, and ServiceNow solutions.

States Scott Trinque, President of EchoStor Technologies, “The EchoStor and Ovatio partnership gives customers a single powerful resource to meet the flexibility and simplicity needed for the next generation of transformative IT services: from data center to hybrid cloud, to cloud native and anything in between! We are particularly excited to offer Microsoft Optimization as a Service as no other Microsoft Cloud Consulting company in the world offers this solution.”

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“Microsoft Optimization as a Service (MOaaS) is a value-added bundled service aligning an organization’s business needs with the Microsoft stack,” says Chuck Salvo, Chief Digital Information Officer of Ovatio Technologies. “Leveraging certified Microsoft engineers, our MOaaS service provides monthly advising to each of a company’s departments – identifying which Microsoft technologies solve their greatest business challenges and teaching people how to use them. It optimizes licensing – reducing the growing costs and complexity of managing 3rd party applications, while boosting efficiency and collaboration. The net result is MOaaS yields a measurable greater rate of return on a company’s Microsoft investment.”

In Partnership, EchoStor and Ovatio will launch a series of virtual events that explore the opportunities and benefits for organizations of all sizes to leverage Microsoft Optimization as a Service to drive down costs, increase efficiency, and ensure data protection. The virtual event series will kick off in the 4th quarter of 2020.