Ecosystem Security Pioneer Cyberpion Launches Channel Partner Program

Ecosystem Security Pioneer Cyberpion Launches Channel Partner Program

Cyberpion, a cybersecurity pioneer in discovering and protecting online ecosystems, today announced the release of its new partner program, designed to foster close collaboration and enabling partners to realize significant and profitable subscription and services revenue. Cyberpion will use a strategy of identifying and presenting vulnerabilities of potential customers to help close new business opportunities. Leveraging Cyberpion’s platform, partners can easily and proactively identify vulnerabilities in customers’ hyperconnected IT infrastructures before they are exploited by attackers as well as provide continuous ecosystem security risk assessment and timely alerts as part of their current practice.

In today’s business operations, enterprises utilize a myriad of third-party online solutions to augment their market presence, improve operations, and best serve customers. Extending far beyond the traditional network perimeter, these third-party solutions make countless more connections, creating an ever-expanding ecosystem of predominantly unmonitored and unmanaged resources that are vulnerable to attack.

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Examples include public key (PKI) breaches, malicious code or resource injection (Magecart-style attacks), DNS hijacks and abuse of misconfigured cloud infrastructures, with the intent to take over the assets of connected organizations and steal data. Cyberpion systematically tracks, analyzes, and maintains this vast inventory of known and unknown assets, their connections, and their risk level within the organization’s far-reaching online ecosystem, continuously identifying and neutralizing vulnerabilities before attackers reach them.

Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Risk Discovery Program offers partners a non-intrusive approach to identify and attract potential customers, using a step-by-step process to create tailored remediation and ongoing continuous protection plans that includes technical and sales support throughout their engagement.

Channel veteran Tracy Hickox has been appointed to lead Cyberpion’s channel sales initiative and is building a dedicated team to implement this in 2021. Previously, Hickox has undertaken leadership roles at Cisco Systems, HP Networking and most recently at Check Point Software Technologies. “I’m thrilled to have created Cyberpion’s partner program, and I look forward to bringing more partners into this emerging and fast-growing segment of the security marketplace,” said Hickox. “Empowering our channel partners with the ability to provide their customers with full and uninterrupted visibility of known and unknown assets and their connections throughout their hyperconnected online ecosystem creates a unique and compelling offering.”

AccessIT Group is Cyberpion’s first partner within the new program. The company helps organizations design, develop, and drive their cybersecurity systems featuring a high level of expertise from engineers and sales staff. AccessIT Group maintains sales and service offices in PennsylvaniaNew JerseyNew YorkMarylandMassachusetts and North Carolina.

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“Providing full visibility to their network of online connections and potential risk to exploitation by hackers in a proactive manner brings tremendous value to our customers,” said Joe Luciano, CEO of AccessIT Group. “Cyberpion’s Ecosystem Risk Discovery Program gives us a playbook to follow for discovering and correcting immediate threats as well as providing ongoing protection. It really helps accelerate the awareness of our customers to this growing risk and will help create new opportunities for us to grow our business.”