Ekinops SD-WAN Xpress Gets Certification to be a Part of Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program

Ekinops SD-WAN Xpress Gets Certification to be a Part of Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program-01

Ekinops, a leading network access and virtualization specialist, today announced that Ekinops SD-WAN Xpress has successfully passed the certification tests to join the Microsoft 365 Networking Partner Program (NPP). Enterprise users of SD-WAN Xpress will now benefit from an improved network Quality of Experience that enhances their connectivity to Microsoft 365 applications.

“Empowering our customers’ digital transformation is at the core of what we do,” says Sylvain Quartier, Vice President of Marketing and Product Strategy for Access at Ekinops. “Deepening our partnership with Microsoft means we are enabling customers and users to achieve optimal connectivity to Microsoft 365 locally and directly.”

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Ekinops’ simple SD-WAN solution, SD-WAN Xpress, a proven, simple to deploy, true multi-tier, multi-tenant, one-box solution, is available on any OneOS6-enabled hardware platform. Leveraging OneOS6, Ekinops’ user-friendly modular software solution, customers can access built-in services that can be activated remotely and on demand, improving network automation and programmability.

With Ekinops SD-WAN Xpress, Enterprise IT teams can easily identify which applications are used to develop network management policies that improve the user experience without compromising security. This includes unintrusive and secure Microsoft 365 (and other Microsoft services) traffic analysis to unlock an optimized Quality of Service for enterprises.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Ekinops into the Networking Partner Program for Microsoft 365,” said Scott Schnoll, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft. “Ekinops is a valued partner that is focused on helping Microsoft 365 customers implement the Microsoft 365 network connectivity principles. Microsoft only recommends Networking Partner Program member solutions for connectivity to Microsoft 365.”

NPP validation adds to the growing collaboration between the two companies, including the recent Microsoft Teams certification for Ekinops SBC (session border controller) solutions.

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