RevBits Endpoint Security Bags the 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award

RevBits Endpoint Security Bags the 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award-01

RevBits, a company dedicated to unifying cybersecurity for enterprise endpoints and cloud-based and on-premises ecosystems, announced today that it won the 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award in the Product or Product Category or Endpoint Detection services. The award was granted for the RevBits Endpoint Security solution. The purpose of the Fortress Cybersecurity Award granted by The Business Intelligence Group is to identify and distinguish the world’s best companies and products in the data protection and electronic equipment market against threats.

RevBits was honored to receive awards in the following categories:

  • 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity Award – Product or Services / Endpoint Detection (product or services / endpoint detection)
    • RevBits Endpoint Security solution
  • 2022 Fortress Cybersecurity – a distinction among the finalists
    • RevBits Privileged Access Management

“When developing software for cybersecurity, we focus on providing customers with advanced and highly effective solutions that strengthen their security,” said David Schiffer , CEO of RevBits. Privileged Access Management. Our development team, led by Chief Technology Officer Mucteba Ceilik, will continue to pursue a technology strategy of solution improvement to deliver even better tools for detecting, blocking, mitigating, and neutralizing threats. ”

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“Endpoint Security (EPS – Endpoint Security) is our flagship product in our enterprise solutions portfolio,” said Mucteba Celik, RevBits’ chief technology officer. In developing our EPS, our focus is on building a full threat detection capability while completely eliminating false positives and we have made significant progress in creating a solution that provides the best endpoint protection, detection and response capabilities available on the market. an anti-rootkit tool that prevents malware from attacking the operating system kernel by patenting it in the United States. ”

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