Endeavour Selects Dispersive to Deliver Network Cybersecurity for Sustainable Infrastructure Across North America and Europe


Dispersive Holdings Inc. (Dispersive), an emerging cloud security leader in the Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) space announced an agreement to implement secure, critical grid network infrastructure for Endeavour, an innovation platform that builds sustainable power infrastructure.

“Cybersecurity is increasingly critical as the grid adopts more renewables and relies on connected inverters for energy and electric vehicle charging. Today’s elevated threat landscape, combined with heightened competition, requires a new paradigm for offering enhanced capabilities and operational excellence within critical infrastructure sectors,” said Jakob Carnemark, Endeavour’s Founder and CEO. “In Dispersive, we’ve selected a trusted partner with unique and innovative military-grade technology and expertise across complex mission-critical environments to help us quickly scale our operation globally for diverse businesses, geographies and use cases.”

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“We are truly inspired by Endeavour’s mission of sustainability,” said Rajiv Pimplaskar, Dispersive’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “Security and privacy are a prerequisite, not an afterthought, and Dispersive’s solution will provide peace of mind for Endeavour and their energy, electric vehicle charging, logistics and utility clients. Dispersive looks forward to supporting Endeavour’s business and use cases with DispersiveFabric, our highly scalable, performant, resilient and operationally flexible software platform.”

Dispersive will be implemented across Endeavour’s technology stack, including GridBlock EV charging solutions and microgrids, Pact low-carbon fuel solutions and Voltek Water’s distributed water infrastructure.

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