ePlus Introduces Threat Detection & Response Guidance Service

ePlus Introduces Threat Detection & Response Guidance Service

ePlus inc., today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, ePlus Technology, inc., launched its Threat Detection & Response Guidance (TDR-Guidance) Service for customers of its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.

An advisory-level service designed to provide ePlus MDR service customers with both strategic and tactical guidance related to Information Security incidents, TDR-Guidance improves MDR service efficacy by providing customers with the necessary skills, advice, and practices to best maximize threat response and remediation efforts.  Customers of TDR-Guidance will benefit from the support and expertise of multiple ePlus resources, including:

  • A Customer Experience resource to help drive both ePlus MDR and TDR-Guidance services to maximize the respective benefits of each of the solutions, and help customers attain their desired outcome;
  • A Technical Security Consultant to help guide remediation of Information Security incidents escalated from the ePlus MDR service provider; and
  • A Senior Security Consultant to help advise and maximize the effectiveness and success of the ePlus MDR provider’s services.

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“There are a number of really great MDR service providers in the market today but, to maximize success, MDR services require continuous improvement and continuous engagement on the part of the customer,” said Lee Waskevich, vice president of security strategy for ePlus.  “Ignoring these needs leaves a customer with an ever-increasing security risk exposure and an ever-decreasing value from the MDR service. By combining ePlus MDR partners with TDR-Guidance advisory services, we help to address these challenges and our customers are better positioned to effectively detect and fight threats to their business.”

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