EverC Continues Rapid Expansion, Hires Raz Alon, PhD as Director of Artificial Intelligence

EverC Continues Rapid Expansion_ Hires Raz Alon_ PhD as Director of Artificial Intelligence-01

EverC, a global leader in cyber intelligence and risk prevention, today announced that Raz Alon, PhD has joined EverC as Director of Artificial Intelligence (AI). At EverC, Raz is responsible for further developing the company’s machine learning and AI solutions, which were created to help identify the hidden risks in ecommerce and protect financial businesses.

“Since its founding, EverC has been committed to building advanced technological solutions that protect our customers from sophisticated cyber criminals that are rapidly proliferating on the internet through our machine learning and AI capabilities, and the hiring of Raz is a testament to that commitment,” said .Ron Teicher, Founder and President of EverC “It’s no longer sufficient to conduct business as usual and accept complacency. We’ve made it our mission to preemptively eliminate as much risk as possible while providing a frictionless process for financial institutions, online marketplaces and their customers.”

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EverC uses AI-based technology to constantly scan hundreds of millions of domains on the internet, working to expose dishonest businesses and reveal the truth behind their operations. It’s core business – MerchantViewTM – works with financial institutions to detect and prevent transaction and money laundering activities over payment channels. EverC also recently launched its MarketView offering and has already started working with one of the largest global online marketplaces by using its artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to find illicit marketplace listings such as illegal or counterfeit goods in order to mitigate brand damaging activities.

2021 has been a monumental year for EverC, as the company expanded with a multitude of new hires across Israel, Kyiv, and New York City, including the hiring of Raz. The company has assembled an impressive team consisting of multiple PhDs and key industry experience from Amazon, MasterCard, Medallia and other global banking companies, and continues to look for talent to join its team. The company partners with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and marketplaces including Alipay, American Express, Mastercard and more.

Raz received his MSc in Physics from the Weizmann Institute of science then continued to receive his PhD. During this time, Raz took part in the ATLAS experiment where he found himself fascinated with the abundance of data. Raz then went to work at PayPal as Lead Data Researcher and then onto SparkBeyond as Data Scientist Team lead and Global Director of Global AI. Raz joined EverC to continue its goal of creating a cleaner trade, contribute to the company’s cutting-edge technology, and the opportunity to work with the impressive data they’ve amassed.

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