EverLine Introduces New Security Operations Center to Provide Customized Security Incident Response Services

EverLine Introduces New Security Operations Center to Provide Customized Security Incident Response Services

EverLine, a technical services platform providing regulatory, remote operations, and security solutions for critical infrastructure, today announced the launch of its new Security Operations Center (SOC). EverLine’s SOC provides continuous surveillance of digital activity in the Operational Technology (OT) environment, including system behavior, access attempts, and the identification of emerging threats.

EverLine’s US-based team receives threat intelligence from federal and industry sources and monitors OT infrastructure 24x7x365, identifying anomalies and providing a full incident response lifecycle. In addition to monitoring cyber assets and networks, EverLine also provides physical security monitoring through remote surveillance and ballistic and blast detection. EverLine is uniquely positioned as a licensed investigative firm1 to assist asset owners in full forensic analysis and evidence handling.

“Last year, the global power and energy sector experienced a 595% increase in cyber-attacks, with 67% of applications in the utility sector suffering at least one severe breach throughout the year,” said Annie McIntyre, EverLine’s Director of Security. “With an uptick of sophisticated threats targeting critical infrastructure, pipeline operators are re-thinking their OT security strategies. We developed our full-service Security Operations Center to support business leaders as they combat these complex security issues.”

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Unfortunately, many OT systems remain secured with legacy methods that don’t account for modern connectivity and lack resilience in broader IT environments, leaving them vulnerable to today’s adversaries. OT security emphasizes the security of physical elements within industrial environments, ensuring the safety and stability of operations.

Any potential breach in the network can allow threat actors to access and modify physical equipment functions, leading to unprecedented disruptions of critical services and even posing a direct threat to human life. OT security strategies must provide complete visibility over the organization’s digital and physical infrastructure.

Continued McIntyre, “Defending OT systems requires a combined approach to security, including the use of multiple technologies to critical systems across an entire operation. We are thrilled to partner with technology providers such as Darktrace, Claroty, and Amulet, bringing together the best technology to support EverLine’s SOC offering to increase an organization’s detection and response capabilities for advanced threats.”

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