Exidio launches as a decentralized VPN custom solutions provider

decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN)

Exidio is building privacy-focused products leveraging VPN technology while bringing a new era of trust and transparency to the industry that is predicted to grow to $70 billion by 2026

Launching as a decentralized Virtual Private Network (dVPN) solutions provider, Exidio creates custom open-source applications built on a peer-to-peer bandwidth network and the Sentinel dVPN Protocol, where Exidio is a core contributor.

The VPN industry is broken. Many VPN applications are controlled by a small handful of companies acting as a quasi-VPN cartel. Many of the top VPN providers have been hacked or subject to data breaches while claiming the opposite. Furthermore, competing in the VPN industry is incredibly challenging. There are high barriers to entry including large costs to set up and maintain global servers, significant legal liability, and the challenge of developing secure, user-friendly applications.

Enter Exidio and the Sentinel Ecosystem.

Exidio changes the landscape of mistrust and obscurity within the VPN industry by creating custom, whitelabel applications that connect to the Sentinel node network, a decentralized peer-to-peer node network. Ensuring privacy and security, Exidio can prove a users’ web traffic and metadata is end-to-end encrypted. Exidio cannot access the traffic, nor can a node host view the web traffic or metadata of a user. Exiodio builds open source applications allowing anyone to check its codebase.

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The Sentinel Ecosystem consists of the Sentinel node network, the dVPN user base, communities of open source code contributors, and companies integrating the Sentinel node network. Since its inception in 2018, the Sentinel Ecosystem has seen significant growth. Statistics across the network:

Sentinel Ecosystem

September 2020

(as of publishing)

April 2018 – March 2019

(weekly average)

Sentinel node network

(average active nodes)



dVPN user base



Code Contributors



Total Data Consumed

540 terabytes

0.6 terabytes

Total dVPN Sessions (aggregate)




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Entrepreneurs and businesses seeking to provide secure, private networking access now have a turnkey solution. Leveraging Exidio’s open-source code, companies can now bring dVPN to their customers and employees without the challenges of node management. With APIs, Exidio can integrate dVPN natively into applications currently in use. Businesses can focus on providing products and services for their customers while leaving Exidio to provide the architecture and integration of secure, decentralized virtual private networking.

“As the adoption across Sentinel Ecosystem continues to grow, we are being approached by more and more companies who are looking to integrate solutions leveraging the Sentinel node network. I’m thrilled about the future as we change the landscape for secure, open source networking.”