Expeto To Collaborate With Rogers For Business On Enterprise First™ Wireless Private Network Managed Solution

Expeto to Collaborate with Rogers for Business on Enterprise First™ Wireless Private Network Managed Solution

Expeto, the world’s leading enterprise Private Mobile Networking (PMN) platform, that enables enterprises to confidently extend their existing IT networks with both private and public cellular, announced today that it is collaborating with Rogers for Business with an agreement to leverage Expeto’s NeXtworking platform to provide Wireless Private Network (WPN) solutions for Canadian business customers.

“With Canadian businesses on the lookout for the next competitive edge, Wireless Private Networks offer an agile solution that provides reliable and secure network connectivity over large, multi-site areas,” said Dean Prevost, President, Connected Home and Rogers for Business. “Rogers for Business is proud to partner with Expeto to launch this new ‘Enterprise First’ service to business customers.”

As businesses across Canada look to improve and transform their digital capabilities, the Rogers for Business WPN solution offers a cost-effective and reliable network solution for securely connecting devices and Subscriber Identity Modules (SIMs) – from tablets and sensors to autonomous vehicles and robotics – enabling business customers to expedite their digital transformations.

“We are excited to partner with Rogers as one of the first Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to embrace enterprises’ need for high-performing cellular wireless networks at the edge,” said Michael Anderson, Expeto’s chief executive officer.

“The Rogers WPN solution seamlessly integrates with existing IT systems and provides enterprise customers with the confidence of end-to-end security and control of their network and data. With this industry-leading breakthrough, Rogers is providing the innovation that will allow its customers more competitive advantage by driving more AI-intensive IoT applications at the edge,”

The Rogers WPN solution provides businesses with a dedicated, on-site wireless network platform that their IT team configures to connect devices securely on their network and to  prioritize network traffic according to their business needs over public and private networks while having the end-to-end control of sensitive data to run IoT business applications. Expeto will provide its platform as a managed service to support the WPN solution.

The New Edge of the Enterprise Will Drive $2 Trillion in Gross Domestic Productivity Gains by 2030

It is estimated over the next decade, 14 million global industrial sites will be equipped with a wireless private network. This new productivity in the Industrial 4.0 revolution will unleash $2 trillion dollars of GDP gains worldwide in equipment utilization, automation, mobility, waste reduction, sustainability, and productivity gains.

This is having an impact on business and the enterprise IT architecture as we know it. Every vertical is being impacted, from agriculture businesses to energy, transportation, and manufacturing.

To gain this competitive edge, the literal edge of the enterprise has shifted. According to Gartner, by 2025, 75 percent of data will be created outside of central data centers. Where once network architectures looked to keep valuable data contained inside the four walls of the corporate headquarters, this is no longer the case.

Especially in the year of COVID, more employees are working from home, while more autonomous devices are being added in the field, and to our ports and factories. To keep social distancing protocols, businesses are finding more use cases to unleash the power of unmanned automation.

None of these use cases can be enabled without affordable, trusted wireless networks that protect valuable data anywhere, all the time, and can be managed with the skills and talent of the enterprise’s local IT organization.

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The Expeto NeXtworking Platform

Expeto is the world’s first and market leading “carrier-grade” enterprise PMN platform that allows businesses to confidently bridge both public and private networks as one secure corporate Wide Area Network (WAN) without losing control of their data or devices.

Unlike hardware-heavy legacy solutions, Expeto is a containerized, software solution purpose-built to install behind the firewall, from the cloud, at the edge, or on-premise.  Affordably offered “as-a-service” and easily managed by IT, Expeto’s NeXtworking platform is as easy to deploy and manage as a Wi-Fi network.

“Expeto is enabling the next generation of wireless connectivity by securely integrating public cloud and private edge computing to efficiently deploy brand new enterprise wireless applications and devices,” said Norman Fekrat, Managing Partner, Imagine Wireless. “Expeto is that ‘single pane of glass’ from which an Enterprise CIO can manage and control their own Private Mobile Networks (PMN).”

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