Exterro Bolsters Global Reach with Garreth Scott as Public Sector Digital Forensics Leader


Exterro, a leading provider of data governance and privacy software, today announced the strategic appointment of Garreth Scott as Global Leader, Public Sector Digital Forensics. With over two decades of navigating the intricacies of cybersecurity and digital forensics across diverse markets, Scott brings unparalleled expertise and a proven track record to amplify Exterro’s public sector impact.

Scott boasts a rich career spanning diverse regions like IndiaEurope, the Middle East, and Africa. He possesses a deep understanding of evolving business landscapes and growth channels, honed through experiences like building successful channel programs for Exterro’s largest distributor and spearheading regional initiatives at AccessData. His most recent role saw him expertly managing the complex market segments of the Middle EastAfrica, and India.

“I’m thrilled to rejoin Exterro at this pivotal moment, particularly with the revolutionary advancements in its Digital forensic solutions,” said Scott. “My role as Global Leader for Public Sector Digital Forensics is about leveraging my global experience and passion for digital forensics to propel Exterro’s groundbreaking technologies. The future of digital investigations is here, and I’m excited to lead the charge.”

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Bobby Balachandran, Founder and CEO at Exterro, states, “Garreth’s impressive track record and deep understanding of the industry make him an invaluable asset. His appointment reflects our commitment to empowering public sector organizations with effective data risk management solutions.”

Scott’s appointment further underscores Exterro’s strategic focus on strengthening its global public sector operations. His comprehensive expertise in channel and direct sales, team growth, and revenue generation will be instrumental in driving Exterro’s continued growth across key markets such as IndiaMiddle EastEurope and the US, as well as solidifying Exterro’s position as the preferred Data Risk Management provider for public sector and corporate organisations.

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