Paladin Capital Group Launches Paladin Global Institute Led by Kemba Walden

Paladin Capital Group

Paladin Capital Group, the multi-stage investor specializing in cyber, AI, and advanced technology, today launched the Paladin Global Institute with Kemba Walden, former Acting National Cyber Director, joining as President. The Paladin Global Institute will serve as a global convening force, building partnerships and stimulating research and advocacy while working to identify and mitigate cyber, AI, and deep tech risks.

The Paladin Global Institute’s mission is to protect global critical infrastructure from cyber threats and enhance the safety of people online by investing in research and advocacy, making informed policy recommendations, and bringing together the public and private sectors to share knowledge and create and invest in innovative technologies. In this groundbreaking approach for a venture capital firm, Paladin is leveraging its global reach and deep bench of experts to marshal international stakeholders to identify and mitigate cyber, AI, and deep tech risks.

“For more than two decades, Paladin Capital Group has identified and invested in innovative technological solutions that protect against cyber and AI threats. Now, the accelerated development of life-changing technologies such as generative AI and the evolving threat landscape demand a global, collaborative, and innovative approach to protecting public and private sector entities alike from cyber, AI, and other advanced technology risks,” said Michael Steed, Founder and Managing Partner of Paladin Capital Group. “The Paladin Global Institute will build on our successful investment track record and leverage our network of cutting-edge thought leaders and policy experts to focus global attention and resources on protecting people and technology from advanced threats.”

“In my time at the National Cyber Director’s Office, I saw firsthand how cooperation between the private and public sectors is critical to secure critical technology from increasingly complex cyber threats,” said Kemba Walden, President of the Paladin Global Institute. “Paladin is taking a truly innovative approach by establishing this Institute to put forth actionable solutions to make cyberspace and the people who use it safer.”

Walden most recently served as acting United States National Cyber Director in 2023 after joining the Office of the National Cyber Director in 2022 as its inaugural principal deputy. Walden previously was an Assistant General Counsel in the digital crimes unit at Microsoft, where she launched and lead Microsoft’s counter ransomware program. Prior to that role, Walden spent a decade at the United States Department of Homeland Security, including roles at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

Chris Inglis, former U.S. National Cyber Director and Senior Strategic Advisor to Paladin Capital Group, added, “We are lucky to have Kemba at the helm of this new enterprise. Over the span of her career, particularly through the instrumental role she played in developing the National Cybersecurity Strategy and the National Cybersecurity Workforce and Educational Strategy while with the Office of the National Cyber Director, Kemba established herself as a strategic and focused leader and a coalition builder—skills that will be put to good use at the Paladin Global Institute. I am confident that the Institute will accomplish a great deal under Kemba’s incisive guidance.”

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The Paladin Global Institute and its experts will be leading a global effort to protect the world’s critical infrastructure from cyber threats and promote online safety by:

  • Fostering innovation and investment in solutions to protect people and technology from emerging threats;
  • Conducting research and collecting data to help business and government leaders make smarter investment and policy decisions;
  • Convening global thought leaders, researchers, policymakers, and technologists to build partnerships and enhance the safety of the online environment worldwide;
  • Providing recommendations and analyses to business and government leaders; and
  • Advocating for enhanced security by encouraging others in the venture capital community to make cybersecurity a priority in their investments.

The Paladin Global Institute sits under Paladin’s Strategic Advisory Group (SAG), which consists of notable cyber experts who advise the firm’s investment team on the cyber landscape. SAG members include former National Cyber Director Chris Inglis, former Congressman James Langevin, Vice Admiral (ret.) Jan Tighe, Sir David OmandRichard SchaefferRichard Clarke, Dr. Mary AikenJeremy Bash, H. Lee Buchanan, Florence Mottay, Rear Admiral (Ret.) Mark Montgomery, Dr. Najwa AarajKevin Phillips, and David Hoffman.

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