Eyelation Announces A Safety Benefits Management Platform For The Enterprise

Eyelation Announces a Safety Benefits Management Platform for the Enterprise

Eyelation, a provider of safety solutions, today announced the availability of its safety benefits automation platform for the enterprise. The Eyelation platform is the simplest and most cost-effective way to manage safety benefits for business and simplify the procurement of safety products for employees, creating a safer work environment.

Companies lack effective tools for administering safety benefits and organizing procurement of PPE. This is a complex challenge because companies, and even departments within companies, structure their benefit programs in different and non-standard ways.

For example, companies may require different PPE depending on the work environment; the timing and frequency of renewals may vary between employees and products required; and co-payments may be collected from employees separate from the company or even payroll deducted.

Eyelation uniquely solves these challenges by consolidating the management of safety benefits and the procurement of safety equipment under one unified platform. This end-to-end solution allows each customer to control and supervise benefits according to its policies, and to let each employee obtain PPE, such as safety footwear and prescription safety eyewear, according to their needs.

The platform captures and reports this information in real time so the company can be certain the correct amount is being paid, for the correct equipment, for the correct employee enterprise-wide.

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“As we brought Eyelation’s safety eyewear program to market, we realized that managing corporate safety benefits is a much bigger problem than we thought,” said Brad Kirschner, Eyelation’s CEO. “Companies face many complex challenges in managing safety benefits that are not adequately addressed in the current safety marketplace. So we designed the Eyelation platform — a simple, comprehensive and cost-effective platform for managing employee safety benefits.”

Features and benefits for safety and HR managers:

  • Benefits and eligibility automatically managed by Eyelation’s platform, saving time, resources and money
  • Centralized management of all safety benefits across multiple product categories
  • 24/7 access to an online management and monitoring portal in real time
  • Best in class benefit management, fulfillment and ease of ordering
  • Customization by department or location so employees access the safety benefit options approved for them
  • Customizable selections, simple ordering and a variety of brands to choose from
  • Consolidated invoicing available through a variety of select Eyelation distributor partners
  • Robust reporting to easily reconcile purchases with various accounting systems

Features and benefits for employees:

  • Ability to order PPE across every shift and location without visiting different suppliers
  • 24/7 access to the system
  • Previewing a large product selection so they can choose the style they like best
  • Timely order processing and shipment within 4-5 business days
  • For safety eyewear, orders are reviewed by a professional optician and employees can virtually try on glasses to choose the style they like best

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