[redacted] Unveils TIDE to Automate and Scale Delivery of Layered Defense and Orchestrated Incident Response

[redacted] Unveils TIDE to Automate and Scale Delivery of Layered Defense and Orchestrated Incident Response-01

[redacted], the mission-driven cloud security company that levels the playing field against attackers, today launched the Threat Intelligent Detection Engine (TIDE). As a major expansion of its cloud-native platform that scales delivery of [redacted]’s layered defense services, TIDE automates the technical analysis of all files and immediately shares results with clients.

The state-of-the-art [redacted] platform provides dashboards, reports and alerts via multi-model delivery to keep clients up to date on their security posture anytime, anywhere. Clients gain insight into near real time activity and responses, as well as interact directly with the [redacted] team members behind their cyber defense. The [redacted] platform provides transparency into the actions that the team is taking to level the playing field against attackers to always build and maintain client trust.

TIDE enhances the platform by providing one collaborative environment for both clients and [redacted] team members to upload any file for automated technical analysis. It examines the construct of the file and autonomously determines the modules in place to run against it. TIDE considers every piece of information, including hashes, malware detections, threat intelligence reporting and more, and produces a visual graph that traverses all data collected and analyzed.

“Our clients are heavy consumers of technical results, so it’s important for us to provide a streamlined mechanism to share our analysis with them,” said Matt Georgy, CTO at [redacted]. “Not only does this empower our clients in their SOC, it also provides structured interaction for our team members to provide orchestrated response. TIDE illustrates how we’re continually investing in the [redacted] platform to scale our high-touch service delivery across all practices.”

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To illustrate the value of TIDE to clients, [redacted] uses the platform as part of its Incident Response services, which is focused on attack prevention. It approaches its engagements based on a philosophical assumption that every network is compromised. Through the [redacted] platform, the team looks at its clients’ networks from an external perspective, combining technical analysis with threat intelligence and alerting that is unique to their environments with a primary goal to prevent incidents.

The [redacted] Continuous Incident Response practice is led by Lauren Pearce, who recently joined the company from Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), where she served as a senior analyst on the CSIRT team. During her time at LANL, Lauren played a lead role in managing the organization’s efforts in responding to major incidents.

“I joined [redacted] because standard incident response practices are broken,” said Lauren Pearce. “The prevailing one-size-fits-all approach where an IR team comes in, deploys their own tools and ignores on-site resources does not work. Our focus is on doing what’s right for our clients, which means integrating their teams into our process to learn from our prevention-first approach as well as from any incidents that may occur.”

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