EyeLock Releases EyeLock ID® – Simplified Logical Access for On-Premise and Remotely Connected Workers


EyeLock LLC, the leader of iris-based identity authentication solutions, announced today the release of its highly anticipated EyeLock ID® logical access system for connected workers. Recognizing that passwords and usernames are things of the past, EyeLock ID combines its myris® iris authentication device and an easy-to-use software application to enable individuals to securely logon to computers, networks, and apps.

myris is handheld, USB connected, and the ideal biometric solution to facilitate trouble-free, secure access to networks and corporate applications for remote and on-site workers. myris has been an EyeLock workhorse and is the core technology of the EyeLock ID system. The software application within EyeLock ID was co-developed by New Jersey-based Integral Biometrics, formerly Integral Technology Solutions, and leverages Integral’s extensive experience developing and deploying integrated biometric authentication solutions to top tier global corporations.

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies around the world have enabled their employees to work from home. Many will not return to the office due to the freedom and flexibility working from home provides. With that said, it comes as no surprise that corporations feel uneasy with the lack of data security for computers being used outside of the organization. Most have policies to limit who has access to devices, apps and networks but these policies are tough to enforce. EyeLock ID requires remote employees to logon to the computer and corporate applications using their irises to automate and simplify credential-based logins.

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“The EyeLock ID logical access solution ensures greater data security for businesses and requires additional accountability by their employees when working from home. With this easy-to-use and affordable identity management tool, EyeLock ID should go home with every corporate computer and be used on every office workstation,” said Jeff Carter, CEO of EyeLock.

EyeLock ID includes one myris sensor and an annual software subscription. The solution provides biometric login support for Microsoft Windows® via Active Directory accounts, application-specific automated access to numerous corporate systems such as SAP®, Citrix® and other key corporate applications. It also provides single sign-on (SSO) solutions with multi-factor authentication (MFA) options. EyeLock ID takes just a few minutes to install.

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Marc Diament, CEO of Integral Biometrics, added, “The Integral team is excited to partner with EyeLock to help businesses become more comfortable with remote and on-premise network access by their employees, and EyeLock ID is the best product on the market to achieve this objective. With the current changes and challenges faced in a swiftly morphing workplace, every opportunity to achieve greater security while eliminating complexity is a welcome transformation that we are eager to help deliver.