SYNNEX Responds to Recent Cybersecurity Attacks and Media Mentions

SYNNEX Responds to Recent Cybersecurity Attacks and Media Mentions-01

SYNNEX Corporation (NYSE: SNX), a leading provider of distribution, systems design and integration services for the technology industry, confirms it is aware of a few instances where outside actors have attempted to gain access, through SYNNEX, to customer applications within the Microsoft cloud environment. These actions could potentially be in connection with the recent cybersecurity attacks of Managed Service Providers, or MSPs.  While SYNNEX provides many services as part of its overall IT distribution business, including supporting Microsoft cloud applications, it is not an MSP in the context mentioned in recent media.

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SYNNEX, in partnership with Microsoft and a leading third-party cybersecurity firm, have been conducting a thorough review of the attack since identified.  SYNNEX internal and external environments remained online throughout the period of attack.  SYNNEX will continue to focus on maintaining secure operations for its customers and their end-user environments.

“We are a long-term distribution partner for Microsoft and along with them, responded with the requisite urgency to address the recent attacks and to limit the potential activities of these bad actors,” said Dennis Polk, President and CEO of SYNNEX. “We will remain vigilant and focused on the security of our organization.”

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